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Possibility Timer

Source Starfinder #9: The Rune Drive Gambit pg. 44
Created at some point during the Ancient Azlanti Empire of lost Golarion, the Possibility Timer is a crystalline hourglass, but in place of sand flows shining, solidified fragments of time. This artifact allows users to manipulate time.

The artifact changes size to match the size of its user. Inverting the hourglass as a standard action activates it, allowing you to enact one of its effects via mental commands. Three times per day, you can activate the Possibility Timer to use haste or slow as a spell-like ability. The spell uses your level as its caster level, and the DC to resist the effect is equal to 20 + your Charisma modifier. In addition, once per week, you can activate the Possibility Timer to freeze time for everyone but you. When you do so, you can act normally for 1d4+1 rounds while no other creature can. While time is stopped, you are undetectable. You can’t take damage from your environment and ongoing effects, but neither can you damage other creatures. In addition, you can’t move, change, or harm objects you aren’t already carrying or wearing. The duration of effects you create are relative to you and can affect only you and the objects you’re already carrying or wearing. Effects targeting other specific creatures or objects have no effect but still consume charges or uses. If an effect that you create doesn’t target a specific creature and has a lasting duration, the time spent in stopped time counts against that duration, but if part of the effect’s duration remains after the time stop, the effect continues for that amount of time.

Up to five times per day, you can attempt to meddle with a creature’s personal timeline while holding the Possibility Timer. To do so, you name or otherwise precisely identify a target and concentrate on that target for 10 minutes to shunt it forward or backward in time. If the target isn’t on the same plane as you, this power fails. Otherwise, the first meddling shunts the target by 1d3 seconds with no saving throw; the target experiences this first effect as a brief skip in time or an intense feeling of déjà vu. A single target can be affected only once every 24 hours. When you meddle with a target you have affected before, she can attempt a Will saving throw (DC = 10 + twice the number of times the target has previously been successfully affected) to negate the effect. The second success shunts the target in time by 1 round, the third success 1 minute, the fourth 10 minutes, the fifth 1 hour, the sixth 8 hours, and the seventh 24 hours. A target shunted forward in time is effectively gone for the duration, while a creature shunted backward can effectively be in two places at once, with everyone suddenly remembering the double’s existence.

Once you have successfully employed the Possibility Timer’s time-meddling power 20 times, you can choose up to seven targets, activate the artifact, and travel into their pasts. While in the past, you can’t alter significant events (such as births and deaths), but you can coax acquaintances of a target to take different courses of actions that might have rippling effects on the targets’ lives. The targets retain their original memories but might instantly find themselves in an “alternate” reality where much of what they know is wrong. While this might seem more disorienting than harmful, certain changes can lead targets into very dangerous situations. Once you have visited a target’s past, you can’t return to that point in the target’s timeline.

To destroy the Possibility Timer, you must throw it into the same black hole three times. The first two times, it disappears over the event horizon and it reappears somewhere else in the same galaxy. If you have affected at least 50 targets with the Possibility Timer’s time-meddling power, you can sense the general direction of the artifact.