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Book of Unwritten Truths

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 118
Bulk L
The Book of Unwritten Truths is a massive book of 528 metallic pages without images or words. According to legend, the book exists as a strange Material Plane connection to the Akashic Record, and information in the volume is presented through tactile means. However, the tome allows its readers to access information on only obscure topics. The axiomite curators of the library world of Athaeum have long sought this artifact as a capstone to their collection.

If you can touch the Book of Unwritten Truths, you can read it. While you touch the book, you can take 20 on any skill check to recall knowledge, provided the DC to recall that knowledge is higher than 20. If you roll the check rather than taking 20, you gain a +10 insight bonus to the check. You can read the book to recall knowledge using any skill, even if you are untrained in the associated skill. Once you gain information from the check, the book closes itself and can’t be used to gain knowledge using the same skill for 24 hours.

Once per day, the book allows you to cast vision. You must spend the 1 Resolve Point required for the spell, but you are considered to automatically succeed at the caster level check. The book, rather than a computer, imparts the information the spell accesses.

If you attempt to use the book to research the Gap, you gain 1 negative level. Each time you use the book thereafter, you must succeed at a DC 30 Will saving throw or gain 1 negative level. Someone who knows a secret lost to the Gap can write that truth in the Book of Unwritten Truths to convert it to a mundane tome with none of its powers.