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Mechs / Building Mechs

Building A Mech

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
This section details the steps to creating a customized mech. No matter the size, form, or intended function, each mech is created using the same process, which involves purchasing features such as frames, limbs, and armaments that modify the mech’s statistics, provide additional actions, or augment the mech’s functions. The result could be an agile skirmisher, an armor-plated quadruped brimming with missiles, or many other possibilities.
A mech sheet is provided on page 165.

Step 1: Conceptualize

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
Start by deciding what kind of mech you’re designing, with a general idea of its purpose and required number of operators.

Step 2: Allocate Mech Points

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
As a group, your party has a pool of Mech Points (MP) with which to create one or more mechs, with each PC contributing a number of points to the pool based on their level (see Table 4–1: Mech Points per PC, below). The group can then pool or divvy up these MP as they see fit to create one or more mechs, whether it be a single-pilot mech for each PC, one assembled mech for the whole party (page 92), or a combination of mechs in between. No one mech can be built using more than three times the MP of any other mech in the group.
The party determines a mech’s tier based on the number of MP they assign to the mech (see Table 4–2: Minimum Mech Points below for the minimum number of MP required to build a mech of a given tier). The mech’s tier can’t exceed the party’s Average Party Level (APL) by more than 1.
For example, a group of four 5th-level PCs would have a total of 300 MP and an APL of 5. They could create one mech with the 300 MP, and although its maximum tier would be 6, the PCs would have lots of leftover MP to spend on additional features for it. Alternatively, they might create three tier-5 mechs. If each PC wanted their own single-pilot mech, they might instead split the MP evenly, each spending 75 MP to create their own tier-4 mech.
At the GM’s discretion, the mechs the PCs build might be more or less powerful than these guidelines suggest.

Table 4-1: Mech Points per PC

PC LevelMP Per PC

Table 4-2: Minimum Mech Points

Mech TierMinimum MP

Step 3: Select Frame

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
Each mech has a frame, a reinforced torso that houses its power core, operators, and various systems. A mech’s frame determines its size category, crew complement, Hit Points, frame slots, auxiliary slots, speed, EAC, KAC, and hardness. Each frame costs a number of MP based on the mech’s tier. Frames are listed beginning on page 98.

Step 4: Select Limbs

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
Each mech includes a set of upper limbs and lower limbs. Unless your mech has a special ability that allows it to install an exceptional number of limbs, each mech includes only one set of upper limbs and one set of lower limbs, and each set can affect the mech’s Hit Points, speed, weapon slots, attack modifiers, EAC, and KAC. Upper limbs and lower limbs are listed on page 101.

Step 5: Select Power Core

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
A mech’s power core determines how much power it can store and generate, measured in Power Points (PP), which allow the mech to perform exceptional actions. Power cores are listed on page 102.

Step 6: Select Weapons

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
A mech can mount as many weapons as it has frame slots, upper limb slots, and lower limb slots. A weapon’s level determines its damage and MP cost; each weapon also gains a simple template based on its type that can affect its damage, range, and special abilities. A mech must either mount or hold any weapons in its available weapon slots. Weapons are listed starting on page 103.

Step 7: Select Auxiliary Systems

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
Each mech frame provides auxiliary slots, each of which can accommodate one auxiliary system to provide additional capabilities. These systems don’t cost additional MP. Auxiliary systems are listed beginning on page 106.

Step 8: Select Upgrades

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
If you have leftover Mech Points, you can spend them on miscellaneous upgrades, such as a frame reinforcement that provides additional HP or an enhancement to the mech’s speed. Upgrades are listed on page 108.

Step 9: Add Details

Source Tech Revolution pg. 97
Finally, determine your mech’s remaining statistics using the information in Mech Statistics (page 98) and record them on the mech sheet (page 165). You might also want to give your mech a name, quirks, a physical description, and so on.