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Npc Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 148
Use the following tables to help you generate nonplayer characters quickly.
NPC Name and Species: Roll twice on this table to come up with a name and a species for a random NPC.
NPC Quirks: This table provides memorable characteristics a Starfinder NPC might have, whether they’re an alien a PC is meeting for the first time or they’re a character from a PC’s background (see Step 3: Influential Associate on page 11).

NPC Name and Speicies

D% Name Species
1–2 Ailei Aasimar
3–4 Aztria Android
5–6 Biyad Barathu
7–8 Coelris Bear, uplifted
9–10 Cyvin Brenneri
11–12 Dedarrel Contemplative
13–14 Dvemis Damai
15–16 Elyrkaen Dragonkin
17–18 Esrithe Drow
19–20 Fefadis Dwarf
21–22 Gexarin Elf
23–24 Giej Espraksa
25–26 Haamori Formian
27–28 Hjinae Ghoran
29–30 Hrenne Gnome
31–32 Iasa Goblin, space
33–34 Itakateii Half-Elf
35–36 Jaxem Halfling
37–38 Kih-Alyne Half-Orc
39–40 Kuegalyi Human
41–42 Lajai Ikeshti
43–44 Lonbe Ijtikri
45–46 Mehindir Kalo
47–48 Mkani Kanabo
49–50 Nariel Kasatha
51–52 Nuveth Lashunta
53–54 Ouna Maraquoi
55–56 Ozast Morlamaw
57–58 Pahkret Nuar
59–60 Pserax Orc
61–62 Qinatelle Pahtra
63–64 Quri Phentomite
65–66 Riila Quorlu
67–68 Rutih Raxilite
69–70 Seqruv Ryphorian
71–72 Suyaer Sarcesian
73–74 Theq Shakatla
75–76 Tiibre Shatori
77–78 Traeghet Shirren
79–80 Uzuonn Shobhad
81–82 Valartemni Skittermander
83–84 Vyldii Telia
85–86 Wecrau Tiefling
87–88 Wyvix Trox
89–90 Xirali Varculak
91–92 Xoadra Verthani
93–94 Ydaj Vesk
95–96 Yznanno Vlaka
97–98 Zalv Witchwyrd
99–100 Zeymaaq Ysoki

NPC Quirks

D% Description
1 Always wears a bright top hat embroidered with a kaukariki
2 Always snacking on various flavored honeys
3 Absentmindedly hums the latest synth-pop hits
4 Mortally terrified of squoxes thanks to a childhood mishap
5 An aspiring chef who searches the galaxy for new ingredients
6 Spends their free time playing infosphere strategy games
7 Always well-apprised of the latest celebrity gossip
8 Has a secret and unrequited crush on an acquaintance
9 Extremely sensitive to heat and always carries a portable fan
10 Intentionally talks louder than everyone else
11 Quick-tempered, but quick to apologize for their outbursts
12 Looks for any opportunity to share a limitless supply of factoids
13 Speaks very slowly, with long pauses between most words
14 Follows the latest fashions, replacing their wardrobe regularly
15 Insists on interpreting others’ dreams for deep meaning
16 Enjoys acting extremely mysterious, even among friends
17 Normally rather grouchy, but has a soft spot for animals
18 Takes their duties, even minor ones, extremely seriously
19 Makes friends very easily but never remembers their names
20 Always tired, no matter how much rest they’ve gotten
21 Has an encyclopedic knowledge of the local laws
22 Loves playing vidgames but is not particularly good at them
23 Has an acute sense of smell and often comments on odors
24 Names all of their weapons or equipment after historical figures
25 Never misses a chance to relate a childhood anecdote
26 Has always wanted to be a dashing adventurer-pilot
27 Never forgives an insult against them, no matter how minor
28 Constantly talks about their large collection of niche antiques
29 Loves poetry and always carries a notebook to jot down ideas
30 Takes credit for others’ successes
31 Loves to travel and has visited numerous worlds
32 Tends to get distracted mid-conversation and changes the subject
33 Paints amateurish portraits and always looks for new subjects
34 Has multiple identities and sometimes forgets to respond to names they’ve given
35 Is deeply impressed by magic and spellcasters
36 Has a penchant for challenging people to duels
37 Thinks highly of themself and is unintentionally condescending
38 Enjoys knitting handicrafts and pushing them on others
39 Gets so focused on tasks that they forget to blink or move
40 Is a devout follower of their deity, but interprets their tenets in an unusual way
41 Dotes on a pet incessantly and narrates its thoughts in falsetto
42 Hates their day job and daydreams about becoming a vid star
43 Is extremely risk-averse except in defense of their loved ones
44 Takes great pride in their family lineage
45 Extremely clumsy, always knocking something over or breaking things
46 Gullible enough to have accidentally joined not one, but two cults
47 Always reading mystery novels and fancies themself an amateur detective
48 Has a new hobby every other week
49 Not shy about voicing their extraordinarily vehement brand preferences
50 Is entrenched in a pyramid scheme and enthusiastically offers opportunities to join
51 Attempts to place wagers on every possible event, no matter how mundane
52 Obsessed with conspiracy theories, the wilder the better
53 Peppers their conversations with terrible puns
54 Is an amateur linguist who wants to learn as many languages as possible
55 Can’t resist embellishing tales of their exploits
56 Can’t be intimidated, but tears up at any display of empathy
57 Proudly displays several commissioned statuettes of themself
58 Won’t go anywhere without their lucky hip flask
59 Mixes metaphors and uses mashed-up aphorisms
60 Challenges new acquaintances to a game of Imperial Conquest
61 Extremely learned in their field of study but absent-minded
62 Makes dramatic speeches about mundane events
63 Always has headphones on, blaring custom playlists
64 Is meticulous and pays close attention to minor aesthetic details
65 Is extremely interested in dragons
66 Is often underestimated because of their bubbly demeanor
67 Judges others by what they have and haven’t read
68 Prefers technological solutions and is wary of magic
69 Tinkers with virtual intelligence projects in their free time
70 Moves around constantly, never staying in the same spot
71 Lies about being able to play a musical instrument
72 Has a photographic memory but doesn’t realize it’s unusual
73 Keeps numerous pets of a wide variety of species
74 Always experiments with the latest pyrotechnics
75 Collects decks of playing cards from throughout the galaxy
76 Very contrarian and loves to argue even when they agree
77 Quotes philosophers in everyday conversation
78 Always sees the best in people, even to their own detriment
79 Very quiet until someone gets them talking about a pet subject
80 Utterly disinterested in everyone and everything
81 Makes up a nickname for everyone they meet
82 Prefers analog equipment to technological, for the aesthetic
83 Has an uncanny sense for when someone has a secret
84 Wants to be someone’s mentor but hasn’t found any mentees
85 Easily starstruck by even minor celebrities
86 Breaks into songs from their favorite musicals whenever remotely relevant
87 Fond of expensive jewelry, and prefers sapphires
88 A gifted but incredibly shy performer who refuses the limelight
89 Loves to barter and relentlessly offers trades that heavily favor them
90 Always very well-dressed, even at informal occasions
91 Thinks they know best and always volunteers to give others unsolicited advice
92 Enjoys matchmaking, whether romantic or platonic
93 Encourages everyone they meet to monetize even the most minor talents
94 Jumps to conclusions and (incorrectly) finishes others’ sentences
95 Constantly asks conversation partners to repeat themselves
96 Tries to imitate stunts from their favorite action vids
97 Has a deep nostalgic streak even about recent events
98 Bends over backward to avoid admitting when they’re wrong
99 Attempts to live well beyond their limited means
100 Laughs uncontrollably when stressed