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Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 146

Drift Encounters Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 146
When a starship travels through the Drift, there is a chance that the crew might randomly encounter something that has been pulled from another plane (Core Rulebook 291). You can roll on the table below to determine exactly what that encounter could be, possibly leading to exciting adventures that break up the monotony of long-distance space travel.

Drift Encounter

D% Description
1 Nothing. A desolate void, an empty path inhabited by not even the tiniest speck of reality. There are no other ships, no planar bubbles, and no sign that any other path charted through the Drift has gone this way before.
2–6 The ship’s path intersects with Alluvion AP4, Triune’s divine realm and the metaphorical center of the Drift.
7–10 Paraforans or paraforan fragments AA3 flock around the ship, following and waiting to feed on the Drift engine’s energy when it jumps to the Material Plane. Paraforans inadvertently dragged along by the Drift jump are disoriented and, if pulled inside a starship, can become violent in their desperation to escape.
11–12 The PCs receive a distress signal from a ship under attack by garaggakals AA2. The crew of the ship are desperate and believe their deaths to be imminent.
13–14 A malfunction with the Drift engine attracts a muddle of three to 30 riftis AP13. The tiny proteans cause mischief and chaos on the ship until they pop out of existence 1d100 hours later.
15–16 Another ship’s jump dragged an oma AA into the Drift, leaving it stranded ever since. The oma carries a single passenger, another lost traveler it found floating alone.
17 Time eaters AA3 slip aboard the ship and trap its crew within a time loop, forcing them to repeat the same 10-minute sequence until they can discover and defeat the temporal stowaways.
18 A Drift architect AA3 appears and begins deconstructing nearby matter (either a planar bubble, a creature, or the starship itself) for incorporation into the Drift. In addition, you can roll again, ignoring additional results of 18, to determine the scenario in which the Drift architect appears.
19–20 A powered-down ship floating through the Drift crosses the PCs’ route. There are no signs of life aboard the ship and it doesn’t respond to messages. The ship’s crew died in the Drift long ago and rose as driftdead AA3, doomed to forever relive the day they died.
21–24 Teleliths AA3 hide among debris and miniature planar bubbles, waiting to ambush passing starships. They attack all passing ships, feeding on those they subdue. Plastics and other undesirables from their previous kills float nearby.
25–26 A colour out of space AA2 enters the ship and begins feeding on the Drift engines, slowing down the vessel and potentially halting it altogether.
27–28 A coven of three void hags AA entered the Drift years ago on a technoplanar pilgrimage for knowledge and magic. Without a ship of their own, the coven has no way to return to the Material Plane.
29–30 A bored asteray AA follows the PCs’ ship. Unable to find another source of entertainment in the Drift, the capricious fey causes endless trouble for the PCs whenever the creature feels the need for amusement.
31 The PCs cross paths with an enormous plasma ooze AA2 the size of a small sun. An array of AbadarCorp satellites orbit the ooze, studying its unusual properties in the hopes of capitalizing on any discoveries, but they are about to be consumed by the ever-growing ooze.
32 The Failed Gate AP4, an anomalous storm of raw arcane magic centered on a Drift Beacon, looms ahead of the ship. The Failed Gate was the result of a catastrophic ritual meant to create a magical gate between the Drift and the Material Plane.
33–34 A hesper AA boards the starship and begins bonding with the ship’s power core (or other major power source), causing odd but (at least initially) nonthreatening errors, glitches, and malfunctions.
35–36 The players receive an old distress signal from a powered-down starship floating through the Drift. A pack of akatas AA2 got aboard the ship before it jumped to hyperspace, and the crew died of void death.
37–40 The PCs pass through a shrinking planar bubble inhabited by marooned ones AA.
41 The PCs pass through a stable bubble from the Material Plane, finding it to be the lair of a void dragon AA2. Inside, the dragon keeps a hoard of vanquished starships.
42 A time dragon AA2 travels the Drift, ensuring any temporal differences of active planar bubbles are not being abused.
43–44 A solar wisp AA2 has attached itself to a slow-moving planar bubble floating through the Drift, searching for minerals to feed on.
45 The PCs encounter Horizon’s End, an explorer-class starship crewed by individuals who each claim to be mortal avatars of Weydan. The crew travels the Drift in search of new experiences, something they hope—or perhaps even demand— that the PCs offer.
46 The PCs encounter the Flotilla of the Devourer AP4, a massive collection of starships in the Drift serving as both fleet and fortress for the Cult of the Devourer.
47–50 The PCs’ route crosses through a doldrum AP4, a pocket of the Drift where no technology works. The sizes of these spaces vary greatly—some require only a couple of minutes for a ship’s momentum to carry it through, while the other, longer patches are incredibly dangerous, as entire crews die without the life support systems of their ships.
51–52 A misty bubble from the Ethereal Plane leaks souls into the Drift. Some of the spirits are vengeful wraiths—their emotions tied too strongly to the Material Plane for them to pass on. However, none of these lost souls will reach the Boneyard.
53–54 A planar bubble from the First World overspills its bounds into the rest of the Drift, growing instead of shrinking. Giant, florescent tree roots seep into the void, grabbing nearby asteroids or other spatial detritus. Gremlins AA3 and other fey create mischief for those approaching or entering the bubble.
55–56 VoidboilsAP12 cover the surface of a planar bubble from the Shadow Plane, a dark globe that sucks in the light of passing starships. The boils spray dark bolts of shadowy energy into the surrounding space, frosting passing ships with quickly dissipating rime, though creatures inside might be affected by the cold.
57–58 Planar bubbles from the Positive and Negative Energy Planes have converged. They are locked in an unstable cycle of creating and destroying each other, attracting the attention of several equinoxians AA3.
59–60 The PCs encounter a planar bubble from the Plane of Air that contains breathable air, a hospitable atmosphere, and subjective directional gravity; everything within the bubble can fly of its own accord by shifting their concept of “down.” Starships entering the bubble could be adversely affected due to a swift change in gravity and atmosphere.
61–62 A planar bubble from the Plane of Earth, an enormous asteroid-like chunk of planar material, floats in the PCs’ path. Tunnels and mines create a navigable path through the otherwise solid bubble of elemental earth. Veins of precious metals and glittering growths of crystal can be found within, in addition to a population of earth elementals AA. Avoiding the rock might add time to the PCs’ journey, while navigating through the asteroid’s tunnels requires a skilled pilot.
63–64 The PCs encounter a planar bubble from the Plane of Fire inhabited by an efreeti AP13 with azer AP13 servants working to build a starship from scrap that has floated into their bubble. The efreeti will grant one wish to any mortal who can return her to the City of Brass.
65–66 A planar bubble from the Plane of Water encapsulates a huge quantity of water floating through the Drift, much like a giant fishbowl. The interior of the bubble has subjective directional gravity and contains a myriad of aquatic fauna. Any vessel passing through the bubble must compensate for the increased pressure on the hull.
67–68 A planar bubble from the Astral Plane contains a silver squall, a storm made from violent thoughts and competing ideas. The squall shrieks through the ship’s comms, and hearing its psychic chatter might cause confusion or damage to the psyche. Those who aren’t overcome can yell back, verbally dismantling its arguments until the storm subsides.
69–70 A large planar bubble from the Maelstrom has split into innumerable smaller bubbles that slowly float away and encroach on pieces of other planes, threatening to enter and contaminate those bubbles with the Maelstrom’s unstable planar traits.
71–72 A planar bubble containing a chunk of the Spire stolen from the Boneyard floats through the Drift.
73–74 A planar bubble of Axis contains a fractured city district, many of its buildings featuring symbology of some long-forgotten god.
75–76 A planar bubble from Heaven known as Bulwark AP4, a large, grassy hill that floats through the void, glows with a gentle light. Bulwark’s lone inhabitant, an archon who sits atop the hill, welcomes good-aligned creatures to rest in the miniaturized upper planar realm.
77–78 The PCs encounter a planar bubble from Nirvana, from which a pair of barachiuses AA make it their mission to defend innocent creatures brought into the Drift.
79–80 A planar bubble from Elysium consists of a huge mountain surrounded by vibrant, shining emerald fields, and the azatas brought into the Drift play beautiful music. Tritidairs AA2 can leave the bubble in their starlight form, but they cannot leave the Drift.
81–82 A handful of squabbling demons inhabits a bubble of the Abyss. A haughty pluprex demon AA2 has declared the bubble their own new layer of the Abyss, and themselves the Demon Lord who rules it.
83–84 The black, festering waters of the River Styx cut through a dark planar bubble from Abaddon, the Eternal Eclipse, trickling off the edge into the endless Drift.
85–86 The PCs encounter the Iron Steeple AP4, a diabolical cathedral pulled from Hell into the Drift. Contingents of devils have taken control of the planar bubble, defending the site, preventing anyone else from entering, and even aggressively attacking those who pass nearby.
87–88 A bubble from the Dimension of Dreams contains animated dreams and the dream avatars of sleeping mortals who might never wake up, trapped inside a dream stolen by the Drift.
89–90 The PCs encounter a twisting lemniscate-shaped planar bubble from the Dimension of Time with a time dimensional AA3 waiting to ambush any who come near.
91–92 A small population of mi-go AA2 eke out an existence within a planar bubble that contains a partial fragment of an unknown moon.
93–94 A mundane planar bubble contains a chunk of a terrestrial world on the Material Plane, inhabited by peaceful, grazing animals. Perhaps with enough time, some clue hidden inside the bubble might reveal more about the world.
95–96 The PCs encounter two planar bubbles that collided some time in the recent past. In the resulting mass, the disparate gravitational, spatial, or conceptual realities converged on each other, forming a unique environment.
97–98 A triad of iridia spectra AA3 contact the PCs through the comm unit of their ship. They might inquire about the PCs’ journey, offer to help with any needed repairs, correct their course, or ask for the PCs’ assistance in spreading hyperspace technology throughout the galaxy.
99 A powerful and predatory outsider attacks the PCs and quickly proves beyond their ability to defeat. Just as the situation turns dire, an aspecna spectra AA3 appears, phasing into hyperspace, and saves the day. If the PCs are lost or need assistance leaving the Drift, the aspecna offers to escort them to their destination.
100 Roll twice on this table, ignoring any additional results of 1 or 100.

Npc Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 148
Use the following tables to help you generate nonplayer characters quickly.
NPC Name and Species: Roll twice on this table to come up with a name and a species for a random NPC.
NPC Quirks: This table provides memorable characteristics a Starfinder NPC might have, whether they’re an alien a PC is meeting for the first time or they’re a character from a PC’s background (see Step 3: Influential Associate on page 11).

NPC Name and Speicies

D% Name Species
1–2 Ailei Aasimar
3–4 Aztria Android
5–6 Biyad Barathu
7–8 Coelris Bear, uplifted
9–10 Cyvin Brenneri
11–12 Dedarrel Contemplative
13–14 Dvemis Damai
15–16 Elyrkaen Dragonkin
17–18 Esrithe Drow
19–20 Fefadis Dwarf
21–22 Gexarin Elf
23–24 Giej Espraksa
25–26 Haamori Formian
27–28 Hjinae Ghoran
29–30 Hrenne Gnome
31–32 Iasa Goblin, space
33–34 Itakateii Half-Elf
35–36 Jaxem Halfling
37–38 Kih-Alyne Half-Orc
39–40 Kuegalyi Human
41–42 Lajai Ikeshti
43–44 Lonbe Ijtikri
45–46 Mehindir Kalo
47–48 Mkani Kanabo
49–50 Nariel Kasatha
51–52 Nuveth Lashunta
53–54 Ouna Maraquoi
55–56 Ozast Morlamaw
57–58 Pahkret Nuar
59–60 Pserax Orc
61–62 Qinatelle Pahtra
63–64 Quri Phentomite
65–66 Riila Quorlu
67–68 Rutih Raxilite
69–70 Seqruv Ryphorian
71–72 Suyaer Sarcesian
73–74 Theq Shakatla
75–76 Tiibre Shatori
77–78 Traeghet Shirren
79–80 Uzuonn Shobhad
81–82 Valartemni Skittermander
83–84 Vyldii Telia
85–86 Wecrau Tiefling
87–88 Wyvix Trox
89–90 Xirali Varculak
91–92 Xoadra Verthani
93–94 Ydaj Vesk
95–96 Yznanno Vlaka
97–98 Zalv Witchwyrd
99–100 Zeymaaq Ysoki

NPC Quirks

D% Description
1 Always wears a bright top hat embroidered with a kaukariki
2 Always snacking on various flavored honeys
3 Absentmindedly hums the latest synth-pop hits
4 Mortally terrified of squoxes thanks to a childhood mishap
5 An aspiring chef who searches the galaxy for new ingredients
6 Spends their free time playing infosphere strategy games
7 Always well-apprised of the latest celebrity gossip
8 Has a secret and unrequited crush on an acquaintance
9 Extremely sensitive to heat and always carries a portable fan
10 Intentionally talks louder than everyone else
11 Quick-tempered, but quick to apologize for their outbursts
12 Looks for any opportunity to share a limitless supply of factoids
13 Speaks very slowly, with long pauses between most words
14 Follows the latest fashions, replacing their wardrobe regularly
15 Insists on interpreting others’ dreams for deep meaning
16 Enjoys acting extremely mysterious, even among friends
17 Normally rather grouchy, but has a soft spot for animals
18 Takes their duties, even minor ones, extremely seriously
19 Makes friends very easily but never remembers their names
20 Always tired, no matter how much rest they’ve gotten
21 Has an encyclopedic knowledge of the local laws
22 Loves playing vidgames but is not particularly good at them
23 Has an acute sense of smell and often comments on odors
24 Names all of their weapons or equipment after historical figures
25 Never misses a chance to relate a childhood anecdote
26 Has always wanted to be a dashing adventurer-pilot
27 Never forgives an insult against them, no matter how minor
28 Constantly talks about their large collection of niche antiques
29 Loves poetry and always carries a notebook to jot down ideas
30 Takes credit for others’ successes
31 Loves to travel and has visited numerous worlds
32 Tends to get distracted mid-conversation and changes the subject
33 Paints amateurish portraits and always looks for new subjects
34 Has multiple identities and sometimes forgets to respond to names they’ve given
35 Is deeply impressed by magic and spellcasters
36 Has a penchant for challenging people to duels
37 Thinks highly of themself and is unintentionally condescending
38 Enjoys knitting handicrafts and pushing them on others
39 Gets so focused on tasks that they forget to blink or move
40 Is a devout follower of their deity, but interprets their tenets in an unusual way
41 Dotes on a pet incessantly and narrates its thoughts in falsetto
42 Hates their day job and daydreams about becoming a vid star
43 Is extremely risk-averse except in defense of their loved ones
44 Takes great pride in their family lineage
45 Extremely clumsy, always knocking something over or breaking things
46 Gullible enough to have accidentally joined not one, but two cults
47 Always reading mystery novels and fancies themself an amateur detective
48 Has a new hobby every other week
49 Not shy about voicing their extraordinarily vehement brand preferences
50 Is entrenched in a pyramid scheme and enthusiastically offers opportunities to join
51 Attempts to place wagers on every possible event, no matter how mundane
52 Obsessed with conspiracy theories, the wilder the better
53 Peppers their conversations with terrible puns
54 Is an amateur linguist who wants to learn as many languages as possible
55 Can’t resist embellishing tales of their exploits
56 Can’t be intimidated, but tears up at any display of empathy
57 Proudly displays several commissioned statuettes of themself
58 Won’t go anywhere without their lucky hip flask
59 Mixes metaphors and uses mashed-up aphorisms
60 Challenges new acquaintances to a game of Imperial Conquest
61 Extremely learned in their field of study but absent-minded
62 Makes dramatic speeches about mundane events
63 Always has headphones on, blaring custom playlists
64 Is meticulous and pays close attention to minor aesthetic details
65 Is extremely interested in dragons
66 Is often underestimated because of their bubbly demeanor
67 Judges others by what they have and haven’t read
68 Prefers technological solutions and is wary of magic
69 Tinkers with virtual intelligence projects in their free time
70 Moves around constantly, never staying in the same spot
71 Lies about being able to play a musical instrument
72 Has a photographic memory but doesn’t realize it’s unusual
73 Keeps numerous pets of a wide variety of species
74 Always experiments with the latest pyrotechnics
75 Collects decks of playing cards from throughout the galaxy
76 Very contrarian and loves to argue even when they agree
77 Quotes philosophers in everyday conversation
78 Always sees the best in people, even to their own detriment
79 Very quiet until someone gets them talking about a pet subject
80 Utterly disinterested in everyone and everything
81 Makes up a nickname for everyone they meet
82 Prefers analog equipment to technological, for the aesthetic
83 Has an uncanny sense for when someone has a secret
84 Wants to be someone’s mentor but hasn’t found any mentees
85 Easily starstruck by even minor celebrities
86 Breaks into songs from their favorite musicals whenever remotely relevant
87 Fond of expensive jewelry, and prefers sapphires
88 A gifted but incredibly shy performer who refuses the limelight
89 Loves to barter and relentlessly offers trades that heavily favor them
90 Always very well-dressed, even at informal occasions
91 Thinks they know best and always volunteers to give others unsolicited advice
92 Enjoys matchmaking, whether romantic or platonic
93 Encourages everyone they meet to monetize even the most minor talents
94 Jumps to conclusions and (incorrectly) finishes others’ sentences
95 Constantly asks conversation partners to repeat themselves
96 Tries to imitate stunts from their favorite action vids
97 Has a deep nostalgic streak even about recent events
98 Bends over backward to avoid admitting when they’re wrong
99 Attempts to live well beyond their limited means
100 Laughs uncontrollably when stressed

Settlement Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 150
From small towns to bustling metropolises to orbiting space stations, settlements comprise one of the major building blocks that make up a campaign setting. Every settlement should feel unique, whether due to geography, culture, or the quirks and challenges presented here.
When creating a settlement from scratch, GMs can use the following tables to help give a particular settlement a touch of personality. Alternatively, a player can use these tables to determine something interesting about where their character is from.
Settlement Quirks: These details help a settlement stand out.
Settlement Challenges: These plot hooks might determine why the PCs visit a particular settlement, or they might spur adventure while the PCs are there.
Settlement Locations: These locations might appear in any settlement. If you want a location in a low-technology settlement, reroll results of 51 or higher. If you want a location in a medium-technology settlement, reroll results of 81 or higher.

Settlement Quirks

D% Description
1–4 An enormous statue stands in the settlement’s center. No records of its construction exists, and no one knows what it represents.
5–8 Harmless swarming creatures overrun the settlement.
9–12 A yearly festival celebrates a certain crop, food item, or trade good that isn’t produced anywhere near the settlement.
13–16 A specific color is banned from appearing in the settlement.
17–20 The settlement enforced a strict curfew, giving rise to several after-hours establishments operating just outside it.
21–24 An unusual weather or cosmic phenomenon hangs just above the settlement in defiance of meteorology or physics.
25–28 Every hour, a tolling bell can be heard throughout the settlement—though no such timepiece exists.
29–32 The settlement’s law enforcement officers proudly use a peculiar or outdated form of transportation.
33–36 A factory or fort on the settlement’s outskirts opens its gates only once every 3 months, and none of the locals work there.
37–40 A famous and reclusive author or artist lives within the settlement; the locals dissuade outsiders from bothering them.
41–44 Many inhabitants claim to be descended from a lost line of an important family that originates from this world or another.
45–48 The settlement houses the decorated tomb of a historical figure.
49–52 Detailed murals depicting a sibling settlement grace many of the exterior walls of the settlement’s residences.
53–56 A benevolent secret society believes itself the settlement’s masterminds, but locals merely humor the society’s members.
57–60 The settlement’s layout follows a precise geometry, but the streets seem to be numbered or named at random.
61–64 Dozens of stray animals make their home in a particular building.
65–68 A precocious child rumored to possess powerful psychic abilities serves as one of the settlement’s leaders.
69–72 A small garden grows in the middle of the settlement that produces a type of flower found nowhere else in the galaxy.
73–76 The settlement observes an elaborate weekly tradition.
77–80 The settlement hosts a regular gathering of collectors of a rare but unusual type of object.
81–84 The inhabitants get their clothes from a single tailor or fashion designer, who boasts a distinct and unusual style.
85–88 An archway stands in the middle of the settlement and occasionally flashes with (harmless) eldritch energy.
89–92 A secret passage connects two seemingly unrelated structures.
93–96 Several of the settlement’s structures were built for inhabitants much smaller or larger than the average local.
97–100 All but one of the settlement’s buildings are identical.

Settlement Challenges

D% Description
1–4 The settlement and its people are heavily taxed or in deep debt.
5–8 A rival settlement is luring away the settlement’s residents.
9–12 A grifter holds control over the settlement’s resources or finances.
13–16 The settlement’s leaders trade some of its inhabitants to an evil outsider in exchange for future prosperity.
17–20 A wealthy, influential individual is maneuvering to purchase the settlement in its entirety—and then demolish it.
21–24 Bizarre accidents plague the construction work on a new, high-profile public building within the settlement.
25–28 A huge influx of visitors recently entered the settlement, overwhelming local resources and leading to culture clashes.
29–32 An unknown saboteur has infected the settlement’s water source.
33–36 A magical curse or technological virus afflicts the settlement’s equipment, rendering it ineffective.
37–40 An addictive substance taints the settlement’s food supply, turning inhabitants against each other when provisions run low.
41–44 The settlement’s inhabitants enjoy a form of entertainment that surreptitiously carries a supernatural form of mental illness.
45–48 Unpredictable severe weather periodically cuts the settlement off from the outside world.
49–52 Wild animals, both predators and prey, regularly encroach upon the settlement’s limits, attacking the citizens on sight.
53–56 A group of space pirates or other villains holds one of the settlement’s major landmarks under siege.
57–60 Warring criminal groups use the settlement as a battleground.
61–64 A serial killer stalks the settlement’s streets, avoiding capture through either magical or advanced technological means.
65–68 A terrifying figure from the settlement’s distant past has returned from the dead to seek revenge.
69–72 Half of the settlement recently vanished without a trace.
73–76 The locals have no memory of the past week.
77–80 The settlement’s inhabitants simultaneously receive a cryptic glimpse of their individual futures.
81–84 A recently discovered relic at the heart of the settlement draws attention, both good and ill.
85–88 A group of unscrupulous mercenaries made the settlement their home base and now refuse to leave.
89–92 A high-profile legal proceeding uncovers all manner of dark secrets about the settlement’s inhabitants.
93–96 The settlement is under constant threat of being quickly reclaimed by nature and must be diligently maintained.
97–99 A prank war among the students of a nearby institute of learning escalates dangerously, engulfing the settlement.
100 An especially temperamental domesticated animal or pet terrorizes the settlement’s inhabitants.

Settlement Locations

D% Location
1–2 Restaurant: Dine in for local cuisine.
3–4 Pub: Enjoy alcoholic beverages.
5–6 Café: Enjoy hot brewed beverages and pastries.
7 Butcher: Purchase pre-cut portions of meat.
8 Greengrocer: Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables.
9 General Store: Purchase various sundries.
10 Smithy: Purchase worked metal items.
11 Woodworker: Purchase worked wooden items.
12 Stonemason: Purchase worked stone items.
13 Tanner: Purchase, alter, or repair leather items.
14 Tailor: Purchase, alter, or repair clothing.
15–16 Alchemist: Purchase magic potions and similar items.
17 Gallery: Purchase or admire artwork.
18 School: Learn basic or advanced skills and information.
19 Fairgrounds: Enjoy outdoor fairs and exhibitions.
20 Monument: Learn about or reflect on a figure, place, or event.
21 Jeweler: Purchase or repair jewelry or buy and sell precious gems.
22–23 Stadium: Watch major sporting events.
24 Solarian Monastery: Train in the ways of the solarian.
25 Library: Borrow books and periodicals, and perform research.
26 Records Hall: Examine local government records.
27 Post Office: Pick up mail or post it for delivery.
28 City Hall: Engage with local government and its officials.
29 Jailhouse: Visit prisoners.
30–31 Healer: Purchase medicines or receive medical treatment.
32–33 Temple: Offer prayers to a deity, or speak with local clergy.
34 Seer: Engage the services of a diviner or fortune-teller.
35–36 Inn: Secure short-term lodgings.
37 Boarding House: Secure long-term, impermanent lodgings.
38 Theater: Watch live performances.
39 Bank: Deposit or withdraw money, or apply for a loan.
40 Livery Stable: Keep, purchase, or rent mounts.
41–42 Transport Dealer: Purchase or repair ground-based transport.
43–44 Spellcaster’s Tower: Engage the services of a spellcaster.
45 Cartographer: Engage the services of a mapmaker.
46 Undertaker: Engage the services of a mortician.
47 Thieves’ Guild: Engage the services of a thief.
48 Casino: Gamble on games of chance.
49–50 Pet Shop: Purchase a creature companion or supplies for it.
51–52 Pawn Shop: Sell items for cash or purchase secondhand items.
53 Comic Book Shop: Purchase comics and graphic novels.
54–55 Media Shop: Purchase films, music, and other media.
56 Hacker’s Den: Engage the services of a hacker.
57–58 Infosphere Cafe: Connect to the local or global infosphere.
59–60 Tech Repair Shop: Repair computers and other technology.
61–62 Fuel Station: Purchase fuel and small sundries.
63–64 Public Transportation Hub: Use public transportation.
65 Office Building: Engage the services of a professional.
66 Hospital: Receive emergency or long-term medical care.
67 Gym: Train and exercise.
68 Broadcast Studio: Create live broadcast transmissions.
69–70 Maker Space: Learn and use crafting skills and equipment.
71–72 Nightclub: Enjoy food, alcohol, and music.
73–74 Enchanter: Purchase and install weapon fusions.
75–76 Museum: Learn about art, natural history, or relics of the past.
77–78 Aquarium/Zoo: Observe rare and interesting animals.
79–80 Observatory: Learn about the local star system.
81 Drone Arena: Compete in high-stakes robotic sports.
82 Alien Consulate: Engage with offworld cultures.
83–84 Augmentation Clinic: Purchase and install augmentations.
85–86 Starship Dealership: Obtain, repair, or upgrade starships.
87–88 Starport: Board starships going to other places.
88–89 Starfinder Society Lodge: Meet with intergalactic explorers.
90 Artificial Personality Studio: Create artificial personalities.
91–92 Recycling Centrifuge: Convert almost anything into UPBs.
93 Memory Clinic: Alter or remove your memories.
94 Cryonic Suite: Freeze yourself to be thawed at a later date.
95–96 Tech Workshop: Craft tech, magic, and hybrid items.
97–98 Sensorium: Watch productions that envelop all senses.
98 Zero-G Arena: Watch or participate in zero-gravity sports.
100 Holovid Arcade: Play immersive virtual reality games.

Starship Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 152
Use the following tables to help you generate starships quickly.
Starship Names: Roll twice on this table to name a random starship. You can arrange and tweak the two results in a way that makes sense to you (for example, you could add “the” before the first word, form a single compound word from the first and second words, make the first word possessive, or place the second word before the first). You can even use results from the same column or roll more than twice.
Starship Quirks: This table provides a memorable characteristic for a random starship.
Legendary Starships: Each of this table’s entries showcases a unique legendary starship.

Starship Names

D% First Word Second Word
1–2 Adamant Angel
3–4 Asteroid Atlas
5–6 Astral Bastion
7–8 Bantam Brand
9–10 Blue Course
11–12 Boundless Deal
13–14 Bright Desire
15–16 Comet Destroyer
17–18 Dancing Devil
19–20 Divine Diplomat
21–22 Eclipse Diver
23–24 Fate Dragon
25–26 Free Dream
27–28 Galactic Emerald
29–30 Golden Falcon
31–32 Green Flare
33–34 Hell Ghost
35–36 Hollow Glory
37–38 Horizon Guard
39–40 Hungry Hand
41–42 Infinite Hope
43–44 Invincible Hunter
45–46 Last Kraken
47–48 Lucky Lance
49–50 Moon Messenger
51–552 Nameless Mystery
53–54 Nebula Navigator
55–56 Neutron Nexus
57–58 New Oblivion
59–60 Night Omen
61–62 Old Opal
63–64 Plasma Paradise
65–66 Pulse Path
67–68 Purple Phoenix
69–70 Reborn Prince
71–72 Regal Princess
73–74 Ring Raven
75–76 Silver Road
77–78 Stellar Ruby
79–80 Storm Runner
81–82 Sun Saber
83–84 Swift Song
85–86 Trick Trader
87–88 Unlucky Vision
89–90 Void Wanderer
91–92 War Wasp
93–94 Wending Watcher
95–96 Wild Wind
97–98 Worthy Wolf
99–100 Young Wonder

Starship Quirks

D20 Description
1 The ship has been painted to resemble an apex predator.
2 A mummified corpse is mounted on the ship’s fore hull.
3 The ship’s name is printed in 14 languages.
4 A yellow triskelion on the ship’s hull causes headaches.
5 The ship’s hull is covered in holographic corporate logos.
6 A third of the ship was very clearly cut from a different vessel and soldered onto this one.
7 Knots of bright cerulean tendrils cover the ship’s hull.
8 The exoskeleton of some space-going Swarm horror is draped across the ship’s hull as decoration or armor.
9 The ship sports multiple glittering, golden solar-sail arrays.
10 The ship’s hull features a large, imperfectly patched crater.
11 The ship boasts an entourage of bejeweled escort drones.
12 Several of the ship’s bulkheads are transparent.
13 The ship is a replica of a fictional ship from a popular holovid.
14 The ship is designed for a very large or a very small crew.
15 The ship’s weapons have holographic projectors that make it look like they’re being operated by cute cartoon characters.
16 The ship’s weapons emit plumes of red smoke.
17 The ship’s shields shimmer like an aurora borealis when hit.
18 The ship’s thrusters vibrate at an annoying frequency.
19 The ship’s lighting fails at dramatically appropriate moments.
20 The ship’s engine emits harmless radiation that smells of lavender.

Legendary Starships

D% Description
1–4 The Ouroboros, a curiously shaped research ship, resembles a twisted ring of metal with every angle carefully polished into a curve. Its polite human crew bears a thoroughly uncanny resemblance to one another.
5–8 The eccentric Eoxian entertainment mogul Zo! outfitted the Exemplarion, his personal space-yacht, with a casino, spa, and three restaurants—all operated by a crew of bone troopers.
9–12 Designated YG-78 by the Pact Worlds, this city-sized vessel looks like some unwholesome combination of squid and fungus. It houses hundreds of thousands of mi-goAA2, who mine asteroids and sometimes trade with outsiders.
13–16 The Springs Eternal, a ghoran AA2 bio-ark that resembles a skyscraper-sized tree, boasts terraforming capabilities designed to establish Ghorus Prime, but which have also been used on other worlds.
17–20 Not much is known about The-Five-Who-Speak-As-One, one the Dominion of the Black’s mysterious overlords. They reside somewhere in the darkness between the stars on an organic spaceship the size of a small moon.
21–24 The Blood Tusk, a feared pirate ship of the Vast, gained notoriety for its swift engines, adamantine-tipped ramming spike, and its crew of bloodthirsty morlamaw AA3 demon worshippers.
25–28 The King of Ravens is a well-designed starship cursed with the vilest luck. Accidents and misfortunes occur regularly, and twice have killed the entire crew—once in a freak life-support accident, once when a rare bacterium made its way onboard.
29–32 The Rising of Porleq is the pinnacle of Vercite technical achievement, the product of a decades-long military procurement process. The ship is overengineered to absurdity and orders of magnitude over budget, but the individual components (including rapid-fire meson guns and adaptive shields) are among the finest in the Pact Worlds.
33–36 An enormous, nameless pyramid-shaped vessel sometimes appears on the edge of systems as an ill omen. Covered entirely in black glass with no visible engines or entrances, some cults worship it as an avatar of Nyarlathotep.
37–40 The Conqueror of Worlds is the pride of the Veskarium, a warship over 6 miles long, bristling with guns and torpedoes, covered in armor and shields, and carrying tens of thousands of soldiers. The ship can conquer a world all on its own but is more often found serving as the flagship of the Veskarium’s war fleet.
41–44 The Inquiring Mind was a deep exploration ship specializing in xenobiological research that vanished after entering an unexplored nebula. It was recently spotted in Near Space, broadcasting strung-together audio clips pleading for help.
45–48 The AI-operated drone ship known as Panacea hails from unknown origins, but for centuries, its drones have collected genetic samples from sapient populations, never communicating but sometimes leaving behind hyper-advanced medicines.
49–52 The Zier XIV was the personal yacht of a planetary dictator from a distant system. Just before a revolution overthrew the despot, they loaded the ship with a planet’s treasury and launched it into the depths of space without a crew.
53–56 The ancient mega-freighter Morius plies the trade routes of the Vast, its crew stacking cargo around an enormous, building-sized sarcophagus in the central hold with unknown contents.
57–60 An experimental warship designed by Ringworks Industries for the Pact Worlds navy, the Payload is built around its “catapult array,” a giant mass driver capable of sending vehicle-sized metal slugs at an appreciable percentage of light speed.
61–64 The Ship of Archelliens is a wooden trireme with an immortal crew. Eons ago, they were cursed to sail forever. Even now—with their planet destroyed and their god forgotten—they still sail.
65–68 The Deadfall resembles a lumbering cargo vessel until it unveils its many cannons and missiles. The crew of experienced marauders works more in extortion and theft than murder, but the Deadfall is no slouch in a fight.
69–72 The pre-Gap deep explorer Zorya haunts the farthest reaches of the Vast. Run almost entirely by machines and using its vast engines to consume asteroids and harvest the plasma of suns, the ship has a fell reputation.
73–76 The Shiveilo Princess is one of the more famous ghost ships of the Vast, a luxurious star liner that perished with all hands when it was invaded by a cabal of velstracs AA2. Now it floats, silent and eerie, inhabited by horrors and lost souls.
77–80 The Perpetual Pilgrimage is a refurbished junk barge, occupied by a motley collection of religious pilgrims from dozens of faiths. Despite the ship’s ramshackle nature and untrained, fractious crew, it’s famously one of the luckiest ships in the Vast.
81–84 One of the most infamous mercenary fleets in Near Space, the Claws of Dahak consists not of warships but of a half-dozen dragons in sophisticated power armor, flying forth from a decommissioned Triaxian support carrier, Dahak’s Hoard.
85–88 The Known Variable, a corporate research vessel, conducted illegal experiments in mind expansion in the depths of space. One experiment succeeded too well, and now a fledgling republic of uplifted laboratory rats rules the ship, trading with outlying colonies and attacking corporate vessels.
89–92 The High Queen Kerlammkt, a large shirren vessel crewed by devotees of Hylax, welcomes all visitors and boasts a wide promenade. Rumors abound that numerous espionage agencies from several systems use the ship as a clandestine meeting spot.
93–96 Designated The Nightmare by the Stewards, this matte-black living cruiser seems to be unique in the Swarm. The ship uses psychic abilities, hallucinogenic spores, and a small supply of terror-organisms to conduct psychological warfare operations.
97–100 The cathedral ship Inheritor’s Scale bears mighty guns and armed paladins, but is better known for its state-of-the-art forensic labs, veteran investigators, and law courts versed in a hundred planets’ legal systems, all of which are placed at the disposal of beleaguered worlds.

Treasure Toolbox

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 154
You can use the following table with Table 11–4: Wealth Gains per Encounter (Starfinder Core Rulebook 391) to provide interesting and varied level-appropriate treasure for PCs.
Use these (or your own variations) to make treasure more exciting than another dropped credstick. Each of these items might even spur its own further adventure!

Treasure Objects

D20 Description
1,000 Credits
1 A collector’s edition, limited-run physical pressing of Strawberry Machine Cake’s album Star Sugar Heartlove!!!
2 A toy starship with 5 doses of hyperleaf stuffed into the cockpit
3 Magical figurines of three kasathas in bright performer’s outfits; when activated, they perform tumbling and acrobatic tricks together
4 A hand-carved wooden figurine portraying a ysoki in gladiatorial costume fighting an unknown quadrupedal predator
5 A decorative, nonfunctional circuit board soldered to portray a portrait of an unnamed android
6 A holy symbol of Damoritosh made of a chitinous substance covered in dense scrimshaw
7 An iridescent egg of exceptional beauty that pulses with a warm glow whenever someone casts a spell nearby
8 A holographic painting of a dull-yellow mountain range with heavy digital static. The painting’s file name is “The Gate To Their Realm”
9 A statuette portraying a large tusked, six-legged creature; a scale at the base indicates that it represents a 40-foot tall beast
10 A consumer-grade polyresinous figurine of an armored human woman with a nameplate: “Gres Uzur—300 planets discovered”
11 A basic medkit hiding a stash of adamantine shards
12 Clay statuette of a humanoid with a spreadable seed packet attached. When applied, the seeds grow into the words “SAVE ME” in Ghoran
13 A folder of handwritten notes with “DO NOT DIGITIZE” scrawled across the outside; the papers detail an advanced AI program
14 A collection of glittering decorative metallic rings of various sizes, designed to be worn around antennae or tentacles
15 A complete set of vidgame cartridges for a popular, long-lived series
16 A flask bedecked with gemstones; it reads “It’s Sixthday Somewhere” and still holds a serving of superior liquid intoxicant
17 Three ceramic spheres in an understated wooden box, each carefully decorated in minute detail to look like a different planet
18 A ceramic mug that magically refills with a lukewarm stimulant
19 An exquisitely tailored outfit of formalwear; the pockets hold a picture of a lashunta and a pistol with the serial numbers removed
20 A crystalline lamp that emanates a magical feeling of calm when lit
5,000 Credits
1 A pair of diamond cufflinks in the shape of longswords
2 A prototype projection drone that animates one hardlight holographic pet at a time, with a dozen species to choose from
3 An anonymous, high-quality physical manuscript of a novel about a forbidden romance between a corpsefolk and a Pharasmin
4 A cold siccatite statuette of a white-furred, many-eyed, six-legged mammoth creature kneeling in an apparent act of supplication
5 An unpublished libretto of Vendrax Steelsong, a vesk composer who was presumed killed in a pirate raid gone wrong in 216 ag
6 A magical crystalline houseplant that rustles its glassy leaves whenever it detects a living creature nearby
7 A gold statue of a dragon lying atop a treasure hoard; the hoard includes an openable tome with miniaturized text etched within
8 A scale model of the Idari made of precious metals that hovers and spins slowly above its base
9 A ceremonial warhammer with an inscription in Terran that reads “In Peace, Leaders; In War, Brethren; In Death, Heroes”
10 A traditional elven mask, made of silver and decorated with emeralds; the mask shape indicates a monstrous humanoid physique
11 Ornamental vase depicting biochemical diagrams and a human figure undergoing a transformation into a beastlike shape
12 An infosphere-disabled datapad containing a banned fiction e-book that features scenes of summoning evil outsiders
13 A computerized music box that algorithmically generates new songs based on what other music it has overhead
14 Silk wall hanging portraying a cityscape by a lake underneath a pair of twin suns; sleeping near the hanging causes disturbing dreams
15 A shopping bag filled with physical credits from different worlds
16 A jigsaw puzzle made from burnished aluminum portraying a detailed cityscape as seen from above
17 A golden statue of an insectile humanoid in heavy armor emblazoned with the holy symbols of Hylax and Damoritosh
18 A cast-iron standing lamp portraying a robotic figure; light emanates from its raised appendages
19 A platter of gilded wood with overlapping carved circles and a dozen miniscule garnets at various points upon the circles
20 A collection of six knucklebones from different species carved into dice that whisper to the bearer when held in a closed hand
25,000 Credits
1 A magical orrery comprised of assorted precious stones levitating and orbiting each other, portraying an unidentified solar system
2 A necklace of traditional elvish artisanry featuring a sizable carbuncle with a formian silhouette moving within it
3 A luxurious woven tapestry that depicts a highly stylized and magically animated scene from the Battle of Aledra
4 A masterfully painted portrait of a Weydanite lashunta before a starry background depicting a little-explored section of the galaxy
5 An archaic scepter crafted from assorted precious materials including a pulsing biomechanical apparatus of unknown purpose
6 A lockbox containing the deed to a small business in a major metropolitan area that has changed owners every few years
7 First-printing memoir of a Veskarium high despot
8 A humanoid skull sculpted from adamantine, with teeth made of gemstones and curious dark stains around the eye sockets
9 An apocryphal text of the Cult of the Devourer, detailing how the destruction of all things is an act of good in its removal of evil
10 A small, hovering pink cube that plays beautiful lush music whose qualities vary based on the proximity of the operator’s extremities
11 A polished-smooth hunk of amber containing an insect associated with an infamous plague
12 A law enforcement badge made of adamantine; inscribed into the back is a set of stellar coordinates in an asteroid field
13 A palm-sized pearl painted and engraved to be a globe of a planet
14 A technomagical mask that casts deep slumber on a willing wearer and has a technological alarm that sounds if a creature approaches within 50 feet
15 A datapad containing a spreadsheet and files detailing the debts owed and services rendered by blackmailed “assets”
16 Tickets to luxury box seats for a major upcoming sporting event, with a cryptic message hinting at a fixed betting scheme
17 An aquarium containing a few mundane species and gravel composed of rare alloys
18 An old but carefully maintained analog strategy board game; the pieces appear wooden but are much heavier
19 An abstract art statuette made of a metallic alloy; it provides a small, harmless electric shock to any non-android who touches it
20 An animated silver statuette of a crest eater that growls aggressively at any kasathas that approach it
100,000 Credits
1 Encrypted hard drive containing covert information about a undercover Steward agent embedded in the Golden League
2 Terrarium containing an unidentified crustacean species whose carapace grows semiprecious stones
3 A small polycarbonate globe with a miniature planet hovering inside; close examination reveals tiny spaceships flying within the globe
4 A large carved wooden puzzle chest containing hundreds of small gemstones
5 A decorated embri mask made of porcelain and gold gilt; it is inscribed with Celestial text organized in an unknown grammar
6 A full-length mirror of polished stone and an unidentified metallic alloy that reflects only biological lifeforms
7 An artificial polycarbonate gemstone containing a single reptilian eye at the center; the eye seems to move of its own volition
8 A null-space chamber filled with a wide variety of taxidermized species of unknown provenance
9 A large collection of ornate bronze gears, each numbered and inscribed with a different aphorism; some gears are missing
10 A fist-sized opal enchanted to float on command and burst into illusory flames, giving the jewel the appearance of a miniature sun
11 An envelope with twenty winning pieces to a corporate sweepstakes
12 The original prototype of a trophy for a major sporting event
13 A large mass of diamonds, held together through a mysterious force; a dark object is barely visible at the center of the bunch
14 A shadow box containing a large iridescent feather made of precious minerals and an illustration of an immense avian creature
15 A long blade of exquisite craftsmanship and materials resting inside a petrified-stone heart of aberrant origin
16 A humanoid hand that seems to have been dipped in molten gold; scans show bones and organic material still exist in the center
17 A set of drinking vessels from a pre-Gap culture; the set as a whole radiates divination magic, but individual pieces appear to be nonmagical
18 A 6-inch containment tube holding a miniaturized Daimalko colossus
19 A clockwork globe portraying a planet-spanning metropolis
20 A holovid set-up that can access channels from other dimensions
Value Varies
1 Autographed rookie brutaris cards
2 Traditionally created, barrel-aged Idari pepper wine
3 Collectible Mightiest Warriors of the Veskarium action figures
4 Data stick containing raw unedited footage of The Necromancer
5 Hybrid data crystal engraved with digital blueprints and security plans for a major corporation’s headquarters
6 Dwarven chronicle stones detailing daily life and operations on an unidentified pre-Gap asteroid mining colony
7 Tier 1 computer with camera footage of a crime in progress that clearly identifies the perpetrator
8 A recently stolen art piece by an up-and-coming artistic influencer
9 A holographic projector containing compromising video footage of a public figure
10 A null-space chamber with nothing inside but a single data stick with a series of galactic coordinates
11 An antiquated, pre-Gap computer that contains schematics for a cutting-edge negative-energy hybrid weapon
12 An alien bone made from a dense synthetic material. One end unscrews to reveal a hollow, which in turn contains a hand drawn map
13 An electronic photo frame that displays various commercial buildings along with encrypted files of the buildings’ floorplans
14 A home gardening kit with the original seed packets replaced with contraband flora smuggled from offworld
15 Tiny robotic figures that act out popular holovid shows and movies
16 A personal computer of a public figure that contains their journal
17 Gemstones containing magical recordings of divination results
18 A personal comm unit bedecked with tiny rubies that contains personal contact information for several important figures
19 Small tin containing the top-secret intergalactic blend of herbs and spices from a popular chef’s kitchen
20 Datapad containing everything necessary to claim ownership of a private stock portfolio