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Vesk Saints

Source Galactic Magic pg. 127
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Although Damoritosh is the primary vesk deity, he doesn’t work alone; an army of saints execute missions on his behalf. Each saint has unique powers and can bless mortals, which sometimes prompts Damoritosh’s worshippers to request a specific saint’s aid in their prayers. Damoritosh doesn’t resent this shared attention, treating his saints as officers who command the loyalty of their mortal followings while still recognizing their general’s ultimate authority.
Most saints are celebrated warriors or honored emperors who showed unwavering courage, strength, and faith. Typically, when a saint’s mortal life ended, they would be resurrected long enough to accomplish their immediate unfinished business, such as winning an ongoing battle, defeating an enemy, or completing a mission. If they prevailed in this narrow window of second life, they became an immortal saint in Damoritosh’s divine legion.
One of the most revered saints is Emperor Eshovok, who united the vesk and founded the Veskarium. Similarly, Empress Dalayo led the Veskarium to conquer Vesk- 2, solidifying the Veskarium as an interplanetary empire. Both of these saints bless leaders during battles of conquest. Damoritosh’s faithful remember High Despot Montoresh as a tactical genius whose blessing bestows temporary tactical advantage, making her popular among a wide range of worshippers.
Renamori the Unkillable triumphed in countless battles, and though an assassin’s poison should’ve killed them outright, they died only after executing their assailant. For this reason, Renamori champions those fighting against impossible odds and terminal afflictions. Yogesh the Willed is the most recently ascended saint; however, beyond its proclamation lauding her heroic spirit, the Veskarium has withheld details of whatever clandestine deeds she accomplished that warranted this reward, spurring myriad theories and rumors. Those who knew her in life nonetheless seek her blessing, which occasionally draws the enthusiastic soldier’s spirit to the battlefield. Nataratier Worldbender was a powerful spellcaster whose ascension reminds vesk that the seemingly weak can be powerful so long as they embody Damoritosh’s teachings. He’s a favorite saint among those who achieve victory through magic and guile.
Rarely, Damoritosh tests and recruits non-vesk mortals. The skittermander Anpa eagerly responds to prayers when possible, yet she’s among the least revered saints due to many vesk feeling embarrassed by Anpa’s ebullience and shows of affection. Instead, the Veskarium touts Anpa as an example of how even non-vesk can aspire to greatness if they serve Damoritosh dutifully.