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Nivi Rhombodazzle

The Grey Polychrome

Source Galactic Magic pg. 126
N goddess of gambling, gems, gnomes, stealth

Delighting in risks and consequences, Nivi Rhombodazzle is a gambler who enjoys the game, win or lose. Nivi was once a mortal feychild gnome on Golarion who fled underground to escape her debts. She emerged as a goddess and first of the bleachling gnomes, with legends claiming she won her divinity from Torag in exchange for a magnificent gemstone that blinded the dwarf god with greed.
Nivi is worshipped by both feychild gnomes, who follow her tenets to help them ward off the bleaching, and bleachling gnomes, who consider themselves her spiritual descendants. Nivi’s faith also attracts adrenaline junkies, extreme athletes, gamblers, and other risk-takers. The faithful enjoy gambling and savor the consequences of their wagers. They’re nearly always willing to double down, up the stakes, and play one more time, even if it means losing everything. When faced with trouble, Nivi’s followers tend to flee rather than stand their ground. Most temples to Nivi Rhombodazzle are casinos or illicit gambling dens, with organized worship being a secondary concern. Her faith is particularly common on Absalom Station, Akiton, Castrovel, Preluria, Triaxus, and in Eox’s Halls of the Living.