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Black Butterfly

The Silence Between

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 493
CG goddess of distance, silence, space

As Desna is goddess of the stars, the Black Butterfly is goddess of the dark spaces between them. Sometimes called Desna’s Shadow, the Black Butterfly despises evil and teaches that in the silences between breaths and thoughts, one can see one’s true nature.

Black Butterfly

Source Galactic Magic pg. 130
CG goddess of N/A

The Black Butterfly is an azata empyreal lord of distance, silence, and space. Also known as the Silence Between and Desna’s Shadow, she teaches her followers the strength of silence and patience as tools to find one’s true self and to reveal the true natures of others. By studying the absences found in space and time, any truth is discoverable.
The Black Butterfly is worshipped by navigators, lovers separated by distance, and by anyone isolated by either their nature or their circumstances. She abhors evil and wages constant war to defend the galaxy from the Dominion of the Black and all inhabitants of the Dark Tapestry—an endless mission her followers are expected to likewise accept.