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Precog Spells


Climate Adaptation: Protect a creature from extreme heat or cold.
Daze: Humanoid creature of CR 3 or lower is dazed.
Detect Affliction: Determine whether a creature or object has been poisoned, is diseased, is cursed, or is suffering a similar affliction.
Detect Magic: Detect spells and magic items within 60 feet.
Ghost Sound: Create minor illusory sounds.
Glowing Wall: Create a plane of colored light.
Injury Echo: Deal 1d6 bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage to a creature.
Magic Mark: Place a visible or invisible mark of your choosing on a creature or object.
Measure: Learn the measurements of creatures and objects in an area.
Mending: Restore 1d4 Hit Points to an object or construct.
Psychokinetic Hand: Telekinetically move an object of 1 bulk or less.
Quick Change (Galactic Magic): Adjacent creatures who are unaware of your true form are flat-footed until the beginning of their next turn.
Realign: End the off-kilter condition.
Spark: Ignite a flammable object.
Stabilize: Cause a dying creature to stabilize.
Stumble: Cause a creature to become off-target and move at half speed for one round.
Telepathic Message: Send a short telepathic message and hear simple telepathic replies.
Token Spell: Perform simple magical effects.
Transfer Charge: Move charges from one power source to another source of the same type.
Vanishing Trick: Turn an object invisible.


Biome Adaptation: Adapt a creature to the environment, granting several bonuses.
Blessing of Youth: Restore Stamina Points and grant additional land speed.
Broadcast Message: Send out a repeating telepathic message to all creatures in an area.
Communal Bond: Grant a bonus to saves against fear effects, and bonuses to providing aid, harrying fire, or covering fire.
Companion Bond: Communicate telepathically with a pet, mount, or other creature.
Comprehend Customs: Gain a +2 insight bonus to Culture checks about a specific culture made within the spell’s duration.
Comprehend Languages: You understand all spoken, signed, and written or tactile languages.
Confusion, Lesser: One living creature is confused for 1 round.
Dampen Spell: Weaken a cast spell as a reaction.
Death's Door: Deal damage, Strength damage, and Dexterity damage to a target.
Detect Augmentation: Detect the presence of augmentations in the area
Detect Radiation: Detect radiation within 120 feet.
Disguise Self: Change your appearance.
Dream of Home: Fascinate a target.
Embrace Of The Void: You wrap the target in the cold of the Negative Energy Plane, numbing its body.
Empathic Communication: Gain bonuses when communicating with other creatures.
Erase: Remove writings of either magical or mundane nature.
Hold Portal: Hold a door shut.
Identify: Gain +10 bonus to identify items of a magic or technological nature.
Incompetence: Targeted creatures lose proficiency with one type of weapons
Keen Senses: Target gains low-light vision and a +2 bonus to Perception checks.
Know Coordinates: Learn the exact location of one creature on the same world as you.
Modulate Frequency: Modify the sounds emitted by an object or creature.
Overheat: Deal 2d8 fire damage to creatures in cone.
Recall: Once during the duration, as a reaction, you can reroll a failed skill check to recall knowledge.
Reflecting Armor: Sheath of mystical force can reflect damage back on foe.
Remove Condition, Lesser: Remove one minor harmful condition affecting a creature.
Scan Environment: You analyze the naturally occurring environment in the area, learning the state of the atmosphere, biomes, and gravity.
Share Memory: Target shares memory with you and five others.
Swap Initiative: Switch places in initiative order with a willing creature.


Accelerate Step: Gain concealment while moving your speed.
Augury: Learn whether an action will be good or bad.
Blessing of Youth: Restore Stamina Points and grant additional land speed.
Bypass Password: Use magic to access a password-protected computer.
Dampen Spell: Weaken a cast spell as a reaction.
Dampening Field: The target becomes encased in a field that dampens sounds and vibrations.
Day's Weariness: Deal 4d8 damage, and fatigue or exhaust a target.
Daze Monster: Target living creature of CR 5 or lower is dazed.
Death's Door: Deal damage, Strength damage, and Dexterity damage to a target.
Delay Countermeasures: Delay one computer’s countermeasures.
Distract: Use the feint action with Mysticism in place of Bluff.
Force Blast: Cone deals 2d6 force damage and bull rushes creatures.
Hold Person: Paralyze one humanoid.
Invisibility: Target is invisible for 1 minute per level or until it attacks.
Knock: Opens a locked or magically sealed door.
Locate Hive: Designate a familiar structure or starship, and know its direction and distance.
Make Whole: Restore 5d6 Hit Points to an object or construct.
Mirror Image: Create decoy duplicates of yourself.
Osmose: Instantly interrogate a source of data for relevant info.
Parallel Form: Disguise creatures’ forms and equipment, and give targets a bonus to Bluff checks to impersonate individuals
Perfect Recall: Recall one memory unaltered by magic perfectly.
Predict Foe: As a reaction, shout a warning to an ally and grant that ally concealment against an attack.
Propelled Leap: You magically propel yourself through the air to a space within range.
Recharge: Replenish charges in a battery or item capable of holding charges.
Remove Condition: Remove one moderate harmful condition affecting a creature.
Resist Radiation: Automatically succeed at saving throws against weak radiation and suppress radiation sickness.
Restoration, Lesser: Dispel magical ability penalty or cure 1d4 ability damage.
Restore Consumable: Create a new copy of a consumable item when it's used.
Rocket Dash: You briefly transform into a rocket of flame and blast forward, moving in a straight line and dealing 5d6 fire damage to all creatures and objects in the line, and then you reappear at the end of the line.
See Invisibility: See invisible creatures or objects.
Shield Other: You take half of the target’s Hit Point damage.
Social Reset: Reroll a failed Culture check to recall information, or Diplomacy check to change attitude or gather information.
Spiritual Bonds: Grant allies within 30 feet a +1 morale bonus to saving throws, along with other benefits.
Status: Monitor condition and position of allies.
Time Loop: Confuse and entangle a creature.
Uncanny Luck: Reroll a saving throw or an enemy's attack roll.
Unmask: Remove a creature's magical or nonmagical disguise.


Arcane Sight: Magical sources become visible to you.
Blessing of Youth: Restore Stamina Points and grant additional land speed.
Clairaudience/Clairvoyance: Hear or see at a distance for 1 minute per level.
Death Affinity: You infuse the target with necromantic energy, physically altering their form into an amalgam of life and undeath.
Death's Door: Deal damage, Strength damage, and Dexterity damage to a target.
Discharge: Disrupts or depowers one target technological item or construct.
Dispel Magic: Cancel one magical spell or effect.
Displacement: Attacks miss target 50% of the time.
Entropic Grasp: Touch decays a construct or nonmagical manufactured item once per round per level.
Explosive Blast: Deal 9d6 fire damage to creatures in a 20-foot radius.
Grim Insight: Deal 6d10 damage to a creature and cause it to become shaken.
Groundling: Give a target a burrow speed and DR 5/bludgeoning.
Haste: One creature per level moves and acts faster.
Hologram Memory: Extract a creature’s memory and replay it as a hologram.
Negate Spell: Negate a spell being cast that's 3rd level or lower.
Nondetection: Hide target from divination and surveillance.
Orient: Gain a +10 bonus to certain Survival checks.
Pinpoint Navigation: Gain +10 to Piloting checks for navigation.
Planned Obsolescence: You transform a weapon or suit of armor into an antique version of itself, giving it the analog and archaic properties.
Pocket Vacuum: The affected area becomes a vacuum.
Prescience: Concentrate on an enemy, predict their actions, and prepare an appropriate response.
Preserve Specimen: You harmlessly render a willing or unconscious living creature inert, placing it in stasis where it does not need to eat, breathe, or sleep.
Probability Prediction: Reroll one attack roll, save, or check.
Protection From Undead: You shroud yourself with traces of negative energy, appearing to undead creatures as if you’re undead.
Remembrance: Glimpse a past event.
Remote Pilot: Pilot a vehicle remotely as though you were in it.
Remove Affliction: Neutralize curses, diseases, infestations, poisons, and other harmful conditions affecting a creature.
Resistant Armor, Lesser: Grant DR 5/— or energy resistance 5 against two energy types.
Sharpen Senses: Grant a creature blindsight and a bonus to Perception checks.
Slow: One creature per level moves and acts slower.
Speak with Dead: Corpse answers up to six questions.
Temporal Bullets: When an ally's weapon attack misses, you cause it to hit instead, dealing up to 40 damage.
Time Crawl: Create an area of warped time that acts as difficult terrain and staggers creatures.
Time's Edge: Deal 10d6 slashing damage to creatures and objects in an area.
Tongues: Target can speak and understand any language.


Animate Dead: Create controlled undead creatures out of target corpses.
Arcane Eye: Invisible floating eye moves 30 feet per round and sends you visual information.
Blessing of Youth: Restore Stamina Points and grant additional land speed.
Calm the Storm: Gain bonuses against mind-affecting effects.
Confusion: Targets behave randomly for 1 round per level.
Death Ward: Target gains +4 bonus to saves against death spells, and is immune to negative energy and gaining negative levels.
Death's Door: Deal damage, Strength damage, and Dexterity damage to a target.
Dimension Door: Teleport a short distance.
Discern Lies: Reveal deliberate falsehoods.
Dismissal: Force extraplanar creatures whose total CR is no greater than your level + 2 to return to their native planes.
Displace Memory: You deposit a memory into a small object.
Divination: Gain useful advice for specific proposed actions.
Drift Prediction: You glimpse a narrow range of possibilities related to a starship’s next Drift journey initiated within the next 24 hours.
Enervation: Ray imposes 2 negative levels.
Hold Monster: Paralyze one creature.
Invisibility, Greater: Target is invisible for 1 round per level, even if it attacks.
Magic Seal: Place a seal on a creature that interferes with its ability to use magic.
Mind Probe: Potentially access a target creature’s memories and its knowledge.
Modify Outcome: You peer across the multiverse at the possible outcomes for this timeline, watching fate branch outward.
Planar Binding: Trap an extraplanar creature of CR 10 or lower until it performs a task.
Reanimate Construct: This spell turns a destroyed construct into a creature that obeys your spoken commands.
Remove Radioactivity: Remove ongoing radiation effects from a creature or object.
Resilient Sphere: Force globe protects but traps one target.
Resistant Armor: Grant DR 10/— or energy resistance 10 to three energy types.
Restoration: Restores ability score drain and negative levels.
Suppressing Field: Weaken spells cast in an area.
Time Loop, Mass: Confuse and entangle multiple creatures.
Tracking Mark: Place a mark on a creature or object that allows you to track it.
Usurp Spell: Take control of another spell being cast nearby.
X-Ray Vision: Grant a creature x-ray vision.


Blessing of Youth: Restore Stamina Points and grant additional land speed.
Break Enchantment: Free creatures from curses, enchantments, and transmutations.
Chrono Leap: Knock a creature through time and across the battlefield.
Contact Other Plane: Ask questions of an extraplanar entity, with questionable results.
Death's Door: Deal damage, Strength damage, and Dexterity damage to a target.
Dismissal: Force extraplanar creatures whose total CR is no greater than your level + 2 to return to their native planes.
Dispel Magic, Greater: Cancel multiple magical spells or effects.
Feeblemind: Target’s Intelligence and Charisma scores drop to 1.
Heat Leech: Deal 13d8 cold damage to creatures in a cone.
Mislead: Make yourself invisible and create an illusory double of your likeness.
Modify Memory: Change 5 minutes of target’s memories.
Passwall: Create a passage through most walls.
Planar Binding: Trap an extraplanar creature of CR 10 or lower until it performs a task.
Private Sanctum: Prevent anyone from viewing or scrying an area for 24 hours.
Prying Eyes: Twenty floating eyes scout for you.
Raise Dead: Restore life to a creature that died no more than 1 day per level ago.
Rapid Repair: Construct or weapon regains 2d8 Hit Points per round for 1 minute.
Reality Bend: Concentrate on an ally, and shift them up to 10 feet once per round when it’s most convenient.
Reanimate: Reanimate a recently destroyed construct or undead
Remove Condition, Greater: Remove all harmful conditions affecting a creature.
Retrocognition: Gain psychic impressions of past events in a certain location.
Rocket Dash, Greater: This spell functions like rocket dash, except it deals 11d6 fire damage to all creatures in the line.
Sniper's Edge: Fire a sniper weapon with supernatural precision.
Subzero Clutch: Attempt a melee attack for 10d8 cold damage along with a free attempt to grapple.
Teleport: Instantly teleport as far as 2,000 miles.
Temporal Flash: Spend a Resolve Point to avoid an attack and teleport to an empty space you could reach with a single move action.
Undo Mistake: Establish a mental link with an ally and spend a Resolve Point to allow them to reroll a failed skill check with a +2 circumstance bonus.
Unravel Magic: Permanently remove a magic item's magical properties.
Wall of Force: Invisible wall is difficult to destroy.
Waves of Fatigue: Several targets become fatigued.
Weight of Ages: Deal 10d8 damage to multiple creatures and cause them to become encumbered.


Akashic Investigation: Generate a magical reenactment of recent events in the target area.
Antimagic Burst: Unravel magic in an area.
Blessing of Youth: Restore Stamina Points and grant additional land speed.
Cheat Time: Perform a flurry of actions.
Control Undead: Undead creatures follow your commands and don’t attack you.
Death's Door: Deal damage, Strength damage, and Dexterity damage to a target.
Disintegrate: Ray reduces one creature or object to dust.
Enshrining Refuge: Targets can’t attack or be attacked, but can exist comfortably.
Ethereal Jaunt: You become ethereal for 1 round per level.
Forcecage: Create an invisible cage of force energy.
Glimpse The End: You give the target a vision of the end of the Material Plane as it’s consumed by entropy.
Interplanetary Teleport: Teleport between planets.
Invisibility, Mass: Multiple targets are invisible for 1 minute per level or until one target attacks or moves away from other targets affected by spell.
Magic Seal, Greater: Place a seal in an area that interferes with creatures' ability to use magic.
Obfuscate Drift Beacons: You obscure the Drift beacons in your current star system, making it more difficult to travel to that system.
Planar Barrier: Seal an area against all planar travel into or within it.
Planar Binding: Trap an extraplanar creature of CR 10 or lower until it performs a task.
Plane Shift: As many as eight creatures travel to another plane of your choice.
Psychic Surgery: Cure all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma damage and drain, plus remove other mental afflictions and conditions.
Regenerate: Grow back target’s severed limbs, restore 12d8 Hit Points, and remove exhaustion and fatigue.
Resistant Armor, Greater: Grant DR 15/— or energy resistance 15 against four energy types.
Snuff Life: Instantly kill or massively damage one creature per 2 caster levels, depending on targets’ CRs.
Summon Drift Beacons: You conjure several Drift beacons into your current star system.
Terraform: Alter terrain and climate.
True Seeing: Target can see things as they really are.
Usher Apocalypse: Deal fire damage, create difficult terrain, and potentially anchor foes to the ground in the area.
Vision: Answer a question about a person, place, or object.

No Level

Rewrite Time: You unknit the fabric of time and remake it to suit your will.