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Starfinder #33: Dominion’s End

Estimated Release Date: 10/14/2020
Product Line: Adventure Path Store Page:

Aliens [7]

Aqlath, Brood Sovereign, Eclipse (Giant), Genesis Wraith, Mahadatari, Sivv Sage-Coffer, Sivv Warmaster

Equipment - Armor Upgrades [4]

Quantum Phasing, Rel-State Contingency, Tandem Translocator, Tandem Vitality

Equipment - Hybrid Items [14]

Domination Visor, Entanglement Belt (Pair), Felnar, Immobilizer, Life Fluid Hypopen, Rel-Battery (Mk 1), Rel-Battery (Mk 2), Rel-Battery (Mk 3), Rel-Battery (Mk 4), Rel-Battery (Mk 5), Quantum Pad, Quantum Processor, Rel-State Generator, Transposition Key

Equipment - Magitech [11]

Anchored Arms, Rune-Etched Chitin (Mk 1), Scuttle Engine (Mk 1), Wing Extensions (Mk 1), Wing Extensions (Mk 2), Scuttle Engine (Mk 2), Rune-Etched Chitin (Mk 2), Rune-Etched Chitin (Mk 3), Rune-Etched Chitin (Mk 4), Rune-Etched Chitin (Mk 5), Rune-Etched Chitin (Mk 6)

Equipment - Powered Armor [1]

Thrall Hardshell

Equipment - Weapon Fusions [4]

Cellular Degenerating, Disentanglement, Quantum Storage, Rel-Entrapment

Equipment - Weapons [10]

Degeneration Grenade, Degenerator Rifle (Dominion), Quantum Entangler (Dominion), Degenerator Pistol (Dominion), Heavy Degenerator, Degenerator Rifle (Military), Degenerator Pistol (Military), Quantum Entangler (Military), Mutation Bomb, Mutation Gun

Starship - Examples [1]

Multifold Industries Harvester ([AP] The Devastation Ark)

Systems [1]

Birnam’s Bubble

Template Grafts [2]

Eclipse Giant (Giant), Genesis Wraith (Other)