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Urban Rules And Reference

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 89
Starfinder’s social and technological rules can help add unique elements to your urban adventures. Basic information on urban terrain appears on page 398 of the Core Rulebook, including how the clutter and cacophony of city streets might affect characters’ ability to perceive threats. The most important determining factor for urban adventures is going to be the settlement or city in which they take place. Pages 405–409 of the Core Rulebook, along with the tables in the Settlement Toolbox on pages 150–151 of this book, can help determine the primary elements of a settlement, as well as rules for typical manufactured structures like doors and walls and how to break them. Vehicles (Core Rulebook 228–229) and vehicle chases (Core Rulebook 285–287) are likely to appear in an urban biome.
In addition to the physical environment, the social construction of an urban biome is enhanced by the social rules. The Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidation skills will help visitors engage with residents, in particular the Change Attitude rules on pages 139–140 of the Core Rulebook. Finally, while cities can be found on almost any sapient-populated planet, consider incorporating environments such as space stations and space colonies, such as the ones demanded by inhospitable planets such as Vesk-5 (Near Space 44) and Preluria (Near Space 100).