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Source Starfinder #24: The God-Host Ascends pg. 50
The military vehicles stat blocks featured on the following pages use the new rules listed below.

Clingers: A combination of electromagnets, graspers, grav emitters, high-friction grips, or other mechanisms allow this vehicle to climb as though affected by the spider climb spell. The vehicle must have a climb speed to have this ability.

Drawn: This vehicle relies on a creature or another machine to set its speed (page 48).

Manipulators: This vehicle is fitted with the listed number of manipulators (page 48).

Microthrusters: Small thrusters stud this vehicle’s hull, enabling it to maneuver in space using the listed speed type.

Orbital Boosters: Powerful thrusters allow this vehicle to achieve the velocities necessary to reach orbit from a planet’s surface. Activating these boosters during normal atmospheric flight is extremely dangerous, and safety measures prevent the boosters from firing unless the vehicle is following standard orbital launch protocols. Once in space, orbital boosters are impractical for maneuvering a vehicle.

Vacuum Shields: Life support systems and shielding protect this vehicle’s occupants from the harmful effects of space for a number of hours equal to the vehicle’s level.