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Military Vehicles / Vehicle Factors / Manipulators


Source Starfinder #24: The God-Host Ascends pg. 48
As a standard action, you direct the manipulator to grab at a target within its reach by attempting a Piloting check (DC = 10 + the target’s KAC). On a success, the target is grappled by the manipulator. If the target is a creature, it gains soft cover and the grappled condition while held by the manipulator. If the result of your Piloting check exceeded the DC by 5 or more, the creature is instead pinned. A creature held by a manipulator can use the escape action to free itself by succeeding at an Acrobatics check (DC = 10 + the vehicle’s KAC), but it can’t grapple the vehicle in return.

If the target of a successful grab is another vehicle, both vehicles are considered to be connected by a rigid tether (see Tethered Vehicles below).