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Using Mindscapes

Source Starfinder #23: Hive of Minds pg. 44
Mindscapes provide an interesting means of changing up the pace of an ongoing campaign or adding an utterly outlandish locale to a game. Whether the PCs use an experimental technological procedure to enter the mind of a patient to extract important information or step through a mystical archway that provides access to an expansive immersive mindscape, these locations can be some of the most memorable locations that PCs get the chance to explore in the course of a campaign.

Mindscapes shine when they combine the expected and unexpected in different configurations. Since a mindscape is left to the imagination of its creator, imperfections both large and small can showcase exactly how variable a mindscape can be. A creature with a natural fear of flying animals may project a mindscape where every flying creature is some horrific terror, while a creature with no understanding of corporate culture who manifests an office might fill it with workers who repeat the same four lines of dialogue in any interaction. Mindscapes often create a sense of unease as a result of these departures from reality, but the more time the PCs have to interact with a mindscape, the more they come to understand what causes it to act the way it does.