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Mindscape / Mindscape Traits


Source Starfinder #23: Hive of Minds pg. 43
As a force that breaks all preconceptions, a mindscape can cause magic to operate in wildly different ways within its confines. Mindscape creators can attempt to place rules on the effects of magic within their mindscape, but even those often break apart if the willpower of the creator falters.

Normal: Magic, including spells and spell‑like abilities, function normally within such mindscapes. These mindscapes operate similarly to what one would expect to find on the Material Plane, though their creator may still apply minor caveats that occupants have to discover on their own. Spellcasters who leave a normal magic mindscape find that any spells they’ve expended in the mindscape have also been expended in the real world.

Dead: The creators of these mindscapes deaden the use of magic within. Creatures within a dead‑magic mindscape can attempt to use their magical abilities to cast spells and use spell‑like abilities, but every creature counts as having spell resistance (usually equal to 11 + the level or CR of the mindscape’s creator). Spells that don’t allow spell resistance have a 50% chance to fail when cast, though the spell is expended regardless of success. Magic items simply don’t work, nor do serums or any other magical equipment; fusion seals don’t apply their bonuses. Hybrid items have a 50% chance of working if they’re activated, while hybrid items that do not require activation to function are too erratic to function properly. Spellcasters who leave a dead magic mindscape don’t lose any spells they cast while within the mindscape.

Altered Magic: Some mindscapes include unique traits relating to magic that greatly affect magic used within. These mindscapes may enhance, impede, limit, or even randomize all magic or certain schools of magic cast within.