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Mindscape / Mindscape Traits


Source Starfinder #23: Hive of Minds pg. 43
Though purely mental in nature, a mindscape can cause physiological effects through mental feedback. In some cases, these mindscapes are more or less harmless, but in other cases, the mindscape can be as deadly as the real world.

Harmful: Injuries and conditions inflicted upon those visiting a harmful mindscape are real. The psychic feedback convinces the real‑world body that any damage incurred is real, and the body reacts accordingly. In rare cases, a mindscape’s creator is so powerful they can relay even afflictions and diseases to the host body. Binary mindscapes are always harmful, though they don’t convey afflictions or diseases unless otherwise noted.

Harmless: A harmless mindscape’s occupant feels the sensations of their environment and other mindscape occupants, and their real‑world body may be affected in minor ways (such as a mild headache or persistent feeling of euphoria), but any injuries and conditions they experience aren’t real. Such damage causes no physical harm or effect to the host’s real‑world body. A creature that dies in a harmless mindscape wakes up in their real body without taking any damage or ill effects from the mindscape.