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Mindscape / Mindscape Traits

Shape and Size

Source Starfinder #23: Hive of Minds pg. 43
Upon its creation, each mindscape has a shape and size based on the whims of its creator.

Finite: A finite mindscape has clearly discernible boundaries and limits within its space on the Astral Plane. Such mindscapes may have misty borders that lead off into pure nothingness or insurmountable barriers. These mindscapes can be as small as one can imagine, though generally they vary from the size of a single homestead to the size of an entire world. All binary mindscapes are finite.

Infinite: As the name suggests, an infinite mindscape goes on forever. Though the notion of an endless mindscape may be difficult for some to grasp, the dimensions of these mindscapes exist thanks to a strong connection with the mindscape’s creator. Creators of infinite mindscapes subconsciously generate more content through mental procedural generation, similar to the software that many vidgame creators employ in level design.

Self‑Contained Shape: The most unnerving of mindscapes, a self‑contained mindscape essentially folds back on itself. This could be a foggy exterior that always reorients a traveler inward, or the entrance to a corporate office that, once exited from, unerringly causes the departing beings to find themselves walking right back in. Such mindscapes often manifest when the creator wishes to emphasize a specific location they have in mind, either due to an emotional connection or as punishment to themselves or visitors.