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Mindscape / Mindscape Traits


Source Starfinder #23: Hive of Minds pg. 42
The transparency of a mindscape describes whether other creatures know that they’ve entered a mindscape.

Overt: Overt mindscapes actively let entrants know they’re entering into a mindscape. This can occur when an individual invites someone to enter their mindscape through use of an item, ritual, or spell. Other times, a mindscape might be considered overt because it’s the result of an identified psychic attack or the start of a psychic duel accepted by both sides. Knowing that one is inside a mindscape can help a creature escape or better understand the mindscape’s traits, and some spells and items may even require that a creature know they’re within a mindscape in order to function. Binary mindscapes are always overt.

Veiled: A veiled mindscape is a sinister creation intended to obfuscate its true nature from those who enter it. A being usually enters such a mindscape in a manner that doesn’t make it apparent they are leaving their body. The creature may not realize the doorway they’re stepping through is actually a magical portal or the newly learned spell they’re casting is actually a trap. The canniest and most powerful psychic spellcasters can disguise their spells this way, forcibly shunting targets into their mindscapes without the targets realizing what has happened. Veiled mindscapes can be insidiously dangerous, as a creature unknowingly trapped within could suddenly drop dead within the mindscape without any warning as their real‑world body perishes from physical trauma or even lack of food or water.