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Chapter 6: Other Rules

Minor Crew Actions 2

Source Character Operations Manual pg. 149
Minor crew actions are computer-aided actions that allow a starship limited functionality if it doesn’t have the necessary crew to fill all the roles (for instance, the lone crew member aboard a Tiny starship might always be the pilot but may need to fire one of the vessel’s weapons in an emergency). You can take a minor crew action regardless of your current role, but only if no other action was performed this round for the role associated with that minor crew action, as indicated in the description for each minor action. A minor crew action can be performed only once per round, and it doesn’t count as your action.

Quick Rescan (Helm Phase, Minor)

You quickly check the sensors to see minor changes and updates that your starship has made available since the last time your crew scanned the your opponent’s starship. A science officer must have used the scan action in a previous round to determine information about the other starship you are looking for updates on. If you succeed at a Computers check (DC = 5 + 1-1/2 × the tier of the starship being scanned + its bonus from defensive countermeasures), you receive one piece of information, such as the ship’s current Hull Points or its current distribution of Shield Points. You can take this action only if no science officer actions have been taken during the helm phase (including visual identification and quick rescan).

Visual Identification (Helm Phase, Minor)

You use your ship’s visual sensors to get a much closer look at an opponent’s starship and see if you recognize the technology used to make the ship or if you remember some specific technical details of its make and model. Attempt a Computers, Engineering, or Perception check (DC = 10 + 1-1/2 × the tier of the starship being examined). If you succeed, you learn the first unknown piece of information on the list below (all basic information, all defenses, or information about one weapon). Information already obtained from a science officer’s scan action or a quick rescan minor action is not unknown. You learn only one unknown piece of information, regardless of your total check result. Subsequent successful checks reveal new pieces of information, continuing down the list below.
  1. Basic Information: Size, speed, and maneuverability.
  2. Defenses: Total Hull Points, total Shield Points, and power core PCU value.
  3. Weapon: Information about one weapon, including its firing arc and the damage it deals, selected at random. Repeat this entry until all the starship’s weapons are revealed. You can take this action only if no science officer actions have been taken during the helm phase (including visual identification and quick rescan).