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Appendix 3: Polymorphing

Polymorph Rules

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 141
Polymorph is a descriptor that applies to transmutation spells and effects that allow you to change the physical shape of yourself or another creature. A spell or effect with the polymorph descriptor has the following general parameters, unless the spell or effect specifies otherwise. As a rule, a polymorph spell or effect doesn’t change any attribute about its target unless it says it does.

A polymorph form has the shape and appearance of one base creature within limitations. A form grants other capabilities with limitations set by the version of polymorph spell you cast. A polymorph spell can rarely give the target all the capabilities of another creature. It can impart only traits of a physical nature, including changes in movement types, natural weapons, resistances, senses, and some other features. When the target takes the form of a specific individual, its capabilities are likely to be similar, but the magic can’t always grant the full extent of a creature’s power.