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Chapter 1: Equipment

Additional Vehicle Rules

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 136
From speedy two-wheeled motorcycles to massive hover carriers that dominate the landscape from above, the following new vehicles present a wealth of ways to travel over land and sea, as well as through the sky and the earth. Some of the vehicles below include customizable features that can turn them into mobile hospitals or engineering workshops.

Vehicle Environments

Unless otherwise noted, an air or water vehicle affords its driver and passengers environmental protection for the type of environment for which it is designed (protection from drowning, high altitude, etc.). At the GM’s discretion, any land vehicle can be suited for use in an airless land environment.

Vehicle Weapons

A creature using a vehicle-mounted weapon with which it isn’t proficient takes the normal penalty for not being proficient on top of any penalties for using a weapon as the vehicle moves. If a mounted weapon isn’t listed on pages 137–139 or in the Core Rulebook, it is considered a longarm. For the purposes of critical hit DCs and other weapon effects, a vehicle’s weapon is considered to have the same item level as the vehicle itself. At the GM’s discretion, mounted weapons can be removed from a vehicle (and possibly replaced with a better weapon the PCs have purchased or found) with a successful Engineering check (DC = 15 + 1-1/2 × the vehicle’s level).


Some vehicles require more than one creature to operate. These vehicles have a number listed in the Complement entry, which is the minimum number of other creatures required for the vehicle to function (not including the pilot). Crew members can take no actions while the vehicle is in motion, as they are aiding the vehicle’s movement.