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Appendix 1: Creating Monsters and Other NPCs

Step 3: Creature Subtype Graft

Source Alien Archive pg. 133
At this stage, add any relevant subtypes to the NPC. Generally, a subtype graft grants a few traits, but for particularly powerful subtypes (such as devil), you might want to monitor how many abilities the subtype gives your NPC and avoid adding extra special abilities of the same type that the subtype graft already provides (usually immunities, resistances, and spell-like abilities).

Other Subtypes

Source Alien Archive pg. 137
A number of subtypes don’t have full entries. Those that don’t grant additional abilities to creatures are listed below.
  • Chaotic
  • Evil
  • Extraplanar
  • Good
  • Lawful
  • Magical
  • Native
  • Technological