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Building the Swarm


Source Starfinder #43: Icebound pg. 52
Swarm creatures are biological; they’re living things, even though they don’t value independence or self-sufficiency as living organisms typically do. Most Swarm components are insectoid in appearance, with segmented carapaces, vicious pincers, and other features reminiscent of insects or arthropods. They might have a stance that’s more like a humanoid creature, with two arms and two legs, but this should amplify their alien nature when topped with mandibles, antennae, or other distinctly insectoid features.
Many Swarm components have membranous wings, but not all of them can fly. In many components, but particularly in large ones, these wings are vestigial and lack the strength to lift the creature in the air. Swarm components usually have a tough exoskeleton, often with intimidating spikes or barbs. Their internal biology varies based on necessary function and form, but components nearly always contain acidic internal fluids. Even those Swarm creatures that don’t rely on acid attacks nevertheless have corrosive ichor, which might dissolve the body quickly when defeated, or even eat through a floorboard or deck plate.