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Variant: Scaling 0-level Spells

Source Galactic Magic pg. 88
Low-level spellcasters often rely on damaging 0-level spells (energy ray, hazard, injury echo, and telekinetic projectile) to injure their foes, but these spells can become obsolete as spellcasters gain levels and find weapons that deal greater damage. This rules variant allows spellcasters to rely on their damaging 0-level spells throughout their adventuring career. Make the following changes to the spells named above at the levels the character attains in a spellcasting class. Each increase happens only once at the indicated level.
At 3rd level, add half your character level to damage with these spells.
At 7th level, increase the damage of spells that deal 1d3 or less damage to 2d4. Increase the damage of spells that deal 1d6 damage to 2d6.
At each of 10th, 13th, and 15th levels, increase the damage of these spells by one die of the same type (d4 or d6).
At each of 17th and 19th levels, increase the damage of these spells by two dice of the same type.
At the end of this progression, a 19th-level spellcaster’s energy ray deals 9d4+9 damage of the chosen type, while their telekinetic projectile deals 9d6+9 bludgeoning damage.