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Power Points

Source Tech Revolution pg. 113
Each mech’s power core (page 102) provides it ample energy to move and fight while also generating excess power—measured in Power Points (PP)—that the mech can exploit to supercharge its systems. A mech’s power core determines how many PP it begins each encounter with, how many it can store at a time, and how many it generates at the end of each turn. Many auxiliary systems, weapons, and other components have special abilities that require expending PP to function.
In addition, several Power Points abilities available to all mechs can be used without spending actions. None of these abilities can be applied to the same check more than once.
Aim (1 PP): Before attempting an attack roll, the mech can activate this ability to roll 1d4 and add the result as an insight bonus to the attack roll.
Devastating Hit (3 PP): After hitting a creature with an attack, but before dealing damage, the mech increases its weapon’s damage value by one step against that creature (e.g. medium damage instead deals high damage). A weapon that already deals extreme damage instead adds 1 additional damage for every damage die rolled for the attack. This ability can’t be used for weapons that attack an intersection rather than a creature, such as weapons with the explode weapon special property.
Maneuver (1 PP): Choose one skill. Until the beginning of the mech’s next turn, operators add any insight bonuses they have that apply to that skill to the mech’s checks with that skill.
Replenish (2 PP): Activate this ability when regaining Shield Points. The number of SP the mech recovers increases by 1d8. This increases by an additional 1d8 at tier 5 and every 5 tiers thereafter.
Resist (1 PP): Before attempting a saving throw, the mech can activate this ability to roll 1d4 and add the result as a resistance bonus to the saving throw.