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Mechs / Mech Combat

Mech Operators

Source Tech Revolution pg. 112
Each mech can accommodate one or more operators who share control over the mech’s movement, armaments, and other systems. Operators share a pool of actions and work together to control their machine (see Mech Actions below). Each mech requires a minimum number of operators to function and has a maximum number of operators it can accommodate.
A character can enter an allied or unattended mech in an adjacent space as a full action, becoming one of that mech’s operators. An operator can exit a mech as a full action, emerging into any empty space adjacent to the mech. At the GM’s discretion, an unattended mech can require an operator to succeed at a Computers check to hack it in order to initially gain control of that mech (DC = 20 + 1-1/2 × the mech’s tier).
A mech blocks line of effect to and from its operators. If a mech is destroyed (see Taking Damage on page 114), additional damage dealt to the mech is instead dealt to a random operator inside; that operator can attempt a DC 20 Reflex save to take half damage.

Statistics and Modifiers

Source Tech Revolution pg. 112
A mech’s actions represent a combination of its operators’ skill and its own sophisticated machinery, and some of the modifiers a mech uses when performing actions reflect this union. When an operator grants a mech an action, the mech uses that operator’s relevant bonus or skill ranks to help calculate the mech’s total modifier. If more than one operator contributes to the same action—such as two operators working together to grant their mech a full action—the mech uses the higher of the two operators’ statistics when calculating its modifier. See page 98 for how to calculate most of a mech’s statistics.
Initiative Modifier: A mech’s initiative modifier equals the lowest initiative modifier among its operators (minimum +0). A mech’s minimum initiative modifier increases by 1 at tier 5 and every 5 tiers thereafter.
Skill Modifiers: A mech’s skill check modifier equals 5 + half its tier; for Athletics checks, also add the mech’s Strength modifier. When an operator grants their mech an action and the mech performs a skill check as part of that action, the mech can use the operator’s ranks in that skill (instead of half the mech’s tier) to determine its modifier. When performing a Strength- or Dexterity-based skill check, a mech can instead use its operator’s ranks in Piloting to determine the mech’s skill modifier.