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Mechs / Building Mechs

Refitting And Upgrading Mechs

Source Tech Revolution pg. 108
In some campaigns, the PCs might have access to the same mechs over time. In this case, as the PCs’ character levels increase, so too do their mechs become more powerful, granting them additional Mech Points with which they can upgrade their machines (see Table 4–1: Mech Points per PC on page 97). These additional points could represent salvage gathered after their battles, an arrangement with a vendor who secures new gear for them, or even ongoing support from a military patron. The GM might require PCs to visit a safe workshop before spending these new MP—especially if the PCs perform major overhauls like replacing several mechs with one larger mech—but this process shouldn’t impact the campaign much.
In addition to gaining additional MP, gaining levels can increase the party’s Average Party Level, which can increase their mechs’ maximum tier. Increasing the tier can impact the mech’s attack modifiers, skill modifiers, Strength modifier, AC, and more.
Refitting Mechs: If the PCs want to change their mechs’ features before gaining additional MP (for example, replacing one auxiliary system with another that costs the same or fewer MP), they can do so at a safe workshop or other facility, given enough time. Refitting a component typically takes 4d6 hours, and refitting a mech’s frame typically takes 1d4 days. Completely changing or rebuilding a mech rarely takes more than a week.