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Mechs / Building Mechs

Mech Upgrades

Source Tech Revolution pg. 108
If you have leftover MP—which is especially likely for a mech with many operators—you can spend them on miscellaneous upgrades, representing further specialization of your mech’s technology. These options are relatively expensive for the benefit they provide, so it’s often best to upgrade a mech’s frame, limbs, and other features first.
Cost: These upgrades have a scaling cost. The first time a specific upgrade is purchased, use the listed cost. Each additional time the same upgrade is purchased for the mech, increase the upgrade’s cost per tier by 1; this increase is cumulative. For example, the fleet upgrade costs a number of Mech Points equal to 2 × the mech’s tier the first time it’s purchased, 3 × tier the second time, 4 × tier the third time, and so on.