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Power Core

Source Tech Revolution pg. 102
A mech’s power core generates all the energy necessary to pilot the mech and operate its major functions. Each power core also generates some excess energy, measured as Power Points (PP; see page 113), which an operator can expend to enhance the mech’s performance and execute extraordinary maneuvers. Each power core has: a rate, representing the number of PP it generates at the end of its turn; an initial value, representing the number of PP a mech has when it begins an encounter; and a maximum (shown in parentheses), representing the maximum PP the core can store during combat. A mech can use only a single power core.
Optionally, a power core can acquire one power core template that modifies some of its statistics or provides additional ways to generate or use Power Points.

Cost: A mk 0 power core (dynamo or eternal) is free. Every other power core costs a number of MP equal to the power core’s mk rating multiplied by the mech’s tier. For example, a mk 3 eternal core for a tier 9 mech costs 27 MP.

Table 4–4: Power Cores

Power CoreRateInitial (Maximum)
Dynamo, mk 020 (5)
Dynamo, mk 121 (6)
Dynamo, mk 231 (7)
Dynamo, mk 332 (8)
Dynamo, mk 443 (9)
Eternal, mk 014 (8)
Eternal, mk 115 (10)
Eternal, mk 216 (13)
Eternal, mk 327 (15)
Eternal, mk 429 (18)