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Mechs / Mech Overview


Source Tech Revolution pg. 93
Another exciting possibility for mechs is giving them the ability to transform between a mech and a vehicle form. If this functionality fits the role of mechs in your campaign, you can allow for one or more vehicles obtained by the PCs (such as through purchases or adventure rewards) to transform into one or more mechs. Transforming mechs should be no more than one size category larger than their vehicle form (for example, a Huge vehicle might transform into a Huge or Gargantuan mech).
As with assembling mechs (page 92), such involved transformation should generally take place only outside of combat, and damage sustained in either mech or vehicle form should be retained between forms. As described in the Assemble! sidebar, convert HP to a percentage of total each time a transformation occurs and ensure that no mech or vehicle regains Hit Points merely by transforming. Effects that restore Hit Points to vehicles don't function on vehicles that can transform into mechs.