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Mechs / Mech Overview


Source Tech Revolution pg. 92
Some groups playing in a mech-themed campaign might want several of their individual mechs to be able to combine into a larger, amalgamated mech that they can copilot as a party. If you decide that this fits your campaign, you can allow the PCs to design two sets of mechs (using the rules for building mechs starting on page 96): the individual, component mechs; and a singular mech to represent the assembled mech, which uses all the party’s Mech Points. The assembled mech should feature the weapons and systems of its component mechs, and its frame should be the same size category as the largest component mech.
Combining several mechs into an assembled mech (or disassembling an assembled mech into its component mechs) should generally take place only outside of combat; if the GM allows for in-combat mech assembly or disassembly, it takes at least one round.
Damage dealt to an assembled mech is carried over to its component mechs when it disassembles, and damage dealt to component mechs carries over to an assembled mech when they combine. To represent this, convert the mechs’ current HP to a percentage of total HP (rounding down to the nearest 10%) and apply it to the assembled or disassembled forms. For example, if three component mechs have a maximum collective total of 75 HP and have a collective current HP of 35, the mech they assemble into should have 50% of its total HP. If that assembled mech takes damage that reduces it to 40% of its total HP and then disassembles, the three component mechs should have a collective current HP of 40% (or 30) HP, divided among them such that no individual mech regains Hit Points from assembling or disassembling.