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Example: Alqet Encounters

Source Galaxy Exploration Manual pg. 139
Joan is making a random encounter table for the pyramids on Alqet V; she expects the PCs to first come here when they are 1st or 2nd level. She wants to include encounters that point the PCs toward threats elsewhere in the system, encounters the PCs can avoid, and some they would wisely flee.
1 2 squoxes, hunting for food to bring home to their young. They avoid the PCs unless somehow communicated with. (Indifferent) 1/2 Alien Archive 2 118
2 1d3 anacite wingbots, conducting maintenance on the facility. They ignore the PCs unless interacted with. (Unfriendly) 1 Alien Archive 11
3 1 assembly ooze that went rogue. (Hostile) 1 Alien Archive 16
4 2 barathu scientists, who came here exploring but are now lost and terrified. They are noncombatants and flee or cower in fear. If the PCs get them out of the facility, they have a shuttle nearby and invite the PCs to Morpheus Station. (Indifferent) 1 None
5 1d6 mutated worms, products of strange magical energy in the ruins. (Unfriendly) 2 Use asteroid louse, Alien Archive 2 132
6 1 medium earth elemental, left behind as a guardian by whoever built these ruins. (Hostile) 3 Alien Archive 46
7 1 Interstellarium soldier, the last survivor of her squad, now just trying to get out alive. Though lawful evil, she will work with the PCs if they agree to help her get back to the Interstellarium pyramid. (Indifferent) 3 Use Aeon Guard, Alien Archive 6
8 1 Necrotocracy techromancer looking for lost technology. Flees the PCs and attempts to reunite with his ghoul minions, below, before hunting down the PCs. (Unfriendly) CR 3 Use bone trooper technomancer, Alien Archive 2 22
9 1d3 ghouls, servants of the techromancer, scouting for objects of interest and corpses to eat. (Hostile) CR 3 Alien Archive 2 60
10 1d6 cocooned akatas. If moved, a cocoon has a 25% chance to break open and an akata emerges. (Hostile) CR 4 Alien Archive 2 8