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Combat Feats

Most feats are general, meaning that no special rules govern them as a group. Others are combat feats, which are feats that can be selected as a bonus feat by a soldier. This designation doesn’t restrict characters of other classes from selecting these feats, assuming that they meet the prerequisites.

Above and BelowBase attack bonus +6When you pair up with a differently sized ally, your foes have little chance to dodge your attacks.
Adaptive FightingThree or more combat featsOnce per day as a move action, gain the benefit of a combat feat you don’t have
Add LeverageStr 15Grip your weapon with more hands to move foes farther with combat maneuvers
Advance WarningCha 15Shout a warning to your allies, causing them to stop being flat-footed
Advanced Melee Weapon ProficiencyProficiency in basic melee weaponsNo penalty to attacks with advanced melee weapons
AmbuscadeWhen you make an attack in the surprise round against a target that has not yet acted, gain a bonus to attacks and damage
Ambush AwarenessIf you fail the Perception check to act in the surprise round, you can still take a full defense action
Amplified GlitchComputers 3 ranks, Intimidate 3 ranksDisrupt devices, causing targets to become shaken for 1 round or more
Back to BackPerception 3 ranksYou aren’t as easy to hit when surrounded.
BarricadeEngineering 1 rankCreate your own fragile cover
Basic Melee Weapon ProficiencyGain proficiency with basic melee weapons
Blind-FightReroll miss chances from concealment
Blood in Their EyesYour critical hits with slashing attacks make foes dazzled
BodyguardAdd a +2 bonus to an adjacent ally’s AC as a reaction
CleaveStr 13, base attack bonus +1Make an additional melee attack if the first one hits
Clever RetortInt 13, Quick Quip, Diplomacy 5 ranksYou always have a witty remark or comeback ready at your adversaries’ expense.
Close CombatBase attack bonus +1Gain a +2 bonus to AC against ranged attacks when are in melee combat
Combat CastingAbility to cast 2nd-level spells+2 bonus to AC and saves against attacks of opportunity when casting spells
Constant AlertWis 11, character level 5thReroll your initiative check and automatically win ties
Cook GrenadeDex 11, proficiency with grenadesTime your release of a grenade to increase its effectiveness
Coordinated ShotBase attack bonus +1Allies gain a +1 bonus to ranged attacks against foes you threaten
Craven PloyCha 13When the going gets tough, you hide behind allies.
Deadly AimBase attack bonus +1Take a −2 penalty to weapon attacks to deal extra damage
Defensive RollDex 19, Acrobatics 10 ranksAttempt an Acrobatics check in place of a Reflex save or to dodge an attack
Defensive StrikerDex 13, base attack bonus +1, armor training traitYou were born to fight your enemies, and nobody does it better.
Deflect ProjectilesBase attack bonus +8Spend 1 Resolve Point to attempt to avoid a ranged attack
Dire StraitsCon 15Stabilize when you have no Hit Points or Resolve Points left
Dive for CoverBase Reflex save bonus +2Fall prone in an adjacent square to roll a Reflex save twice
Double DrawFour or more armsYour limbs allow you to manipulate multiple weapons
Double TapWeapon Focus (small arms), proficiency with small armsExpend double the normal ammunition to gain bonuses to attack and damage with a small arm
Drag DownWhen you are tripped, you can attempt to trip an adjacent foe
Far ShotBase attack bonus +1Reduce penalty due to range increments
FleetIncrease your land speed
Focused SpellcasterCombat Casting, ability to cast 4th-level spellsSpend a resolve point to successfully cast a spell after you take damage during the casting
Fouling RepositionImproved Combat Maneuver (reposition)Reposition a foe to throw it and another creature off balance
FusilladeBase attack bonus +1, four or more armsMake an automatic-mode attack with multiple small arms
GoadAntagonize or Quick Quip, Diplomacy 5 ranksYou know how to keep your foes flustered and infuriated.
Grab AttentionIntimidate 5 ranksMake a foe you hit in melee off-target when attacking anyone other than you
Grappler PullStr 11Use a grappler to draw your foes closer to you
Great CleaveStr 13, Cleave, base attack bonus +4Make an additional melee attack after each melee attack that hits
Greater FeintImproved Feint, base attack bonus +6Foes you feint against are flat-footed for 1 round
Grenade MasteryProficiency with grenadesIncrease the saving throw DCs of grenades you use
Grenade ProficiencyGain proficiency with grenades
Ground FightingStr 11Ignore penalties to unarmed attacks when grappled, pinned, or prone
Heavy Armor ProficiencyStr 13, proficiency with light armorGain proficiency with heavy armor
Heavy Weapon ProficiencyStr 13, proficiency with longarms and small armsGain proficiency with heavy weapons
Improved Combat ManeuverBase attack bonus +1+4 bonus to perform one combat maneuver
Improved CriticalBase attack bonus +8The DC to resist the critical effects of your critical hits increases by 2
Improved FeintUse Bluff to feint as a move action
Improved Initiative+4 bonus to initiative checks
Improved SidestepDex 17, Mobility or trick attack class feature, SidestepReduce penalties from Sidestep
Improved Stand StillStand Still+4 bonus to melee attacks with Stand Still
Improved Supporting FireBase attack bonus +6.Your ranged attacks provide better support for your allies.
Improved Unarmed StrikeDeal more damage and threaten squares with unarmed strikes
In Harm’s WayBodyguardTake the damage of a successful attack against an adjacent ally
Indirect RetreatDex 13, MobilityYou can run through winding corridors and weave your way through grasping claws without pause.
Instant CraterBase attack bonus +5Weapons with the explode special property create difficult terrain
Jet ChargePiloting 3 ranksBoost your charge attacks with jets to move farther
Kasathan Battle DancePrerequisites: Dex 13, Mobility or trick attackAvoid all attacks of opportunity when you withdraw
Kip UpAcrobatics 1 rankStand from prone as a swift action
Laugh at DangerCon 13Grant an ally a +2 morale bonus to AC as a reaction when you take Hit Point damage
Light Armor ProficiencyGain proficiency with light armo
Living LadderStr 17Hit an adjacent foe with an unarmed attack to stand and possibly knock them prone
Longarm ProficiencyProficiency with small armsGain proficiency with longarms
Lung PunctureYour critical hits with piercing weapons cause foes to be fatigued
LungeBase attack bonus +6Increase reach of melee attacks by 5 feet until the end of your turn
Many-Handed MasterFour or more armsYou use your many limbs to counter combat maneuvers
Massive SplashStr 11, base attack bonus +1You can batter the water’s surface to create a huge sheet of water that temporarily conceals you from your foes.
Melt DefensesBase attack bonus +11On a critical hit, cause further attacks against a foe to target EAC
MobilityDex 13+4 bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity from movement
Momentous AttackStr 11, Athletics 5 ranksOn a melee critical hit, move 5 feet
Multi-Weapon FightingReduce the penalty for full attacks when using multiple small arms or operative melee weapons
Mystic StrikeAbility to cast spellsMelee and ranged attacks count as magic
Nimble MovesDex 15Ignore 20 feet of difficult terrain when you move
Opening Volley+2 bonus to a melee attack against a target you damaged with a ranged attack
Parting ShotDex 15, Mobility, Shot on the Run, base attack bonus +6Make a single ranged attack when withdrawing
Penetrating AttackBase attack bonus +12Reduce enemy's DR and energy resistance against your weapons by 5
Pinpoint HurlerStr 15Reduce the distance your thrown weapons travel when they miss
Powered Armored ProficiencyStr 13, proficiency with light armor and heavy armor, base attack bonus +5Gain proficiency with powered armor
Pull the PinImproved Combat Maneuver (disarm)Perform a disarm to activate a foe’s grenade
Quick DrawBase attack bonus +1Draw a weapon as a swift action
Quick QuipInt 11, Diplomacy 1 rankYou infuriate foes with a witty remark or retort.
Reflect ProjectilesDeflect Projectiles, base attack bonus +16Spend 1 Resolve Point to attempt to redirect a ranged attack
Ricochet GrenadeProficiency with grenades, base attack bonus +7Bounce a grenade off a wall to reach difficult spo
Sacred StrikeWorship a deity of an alignment within one step of your ownTreat your attacks as having your deity’s alignment
Shelter AllyBodyguard, natural reach of 10 feet or moreUse Bodyguard to protect allies within reach and increase the bonus and penalty by 1 when protecting a smaller creature
Shield BlockProficiency with shieldsSpent 1 Resolve Point as a reaction to reduce damage from area effects
Shield ProficiencyGain proficiency with shields
Shot on the RunDex 15, Mobility, base attack bonus +4Make a ranged attack at any point during movement
SidestepDex 15, Mobility or trick attack class featureTake guarded step as a reaction when a foe misses you with melee attack
Slam DownYour critical hits with bludgeoning weapons knock down your foes
Slippery ShooterDex 15, base attack bonus +6+3 bonus to AC against attacks of opportunity when making ranged attacks
Small Arm ProficiencyGain proficiency with small arms
Sniper Weapon ProficiencyGain proficiency with sniper weapons
Solid StanceCon 15Become harder to move, and use a reaction to avoid being knocked prone
Special Weapon ProficiencyProficiency with basic melee weapons or small armsGain proficiency with one special weapon
Spring AttackDex 15, Mobility, base attack bonus +4Move before and after a melee attack
Spry CoverBase attack bonus +1Covering fire grants a +4 bonus to an ally’s Acrobatics check to tumble
Stand StillMake an attack of opportunity to stop a foe’s movement
Stand StrongStand StillWhen you plant yourself in place, you’re difficult to move past.
Step UpBase attack bonus +1Take a guarded step as a reaction to an adjacent foe moving
Step Up and StrikeDex 13, Step Up, base attack bonus +6Make an attack of opportunity as part of Step Up
Strike BackBase attack bonus +1Ready an action to make a melee attack against a foe with reach
Superheated SpellsAbility to cast spells, Mysticism 5 ranksYour particular brand of fire magic can superheat air or water instead of producing fire, allowing your spells to remain effective underwater.
Suppressive FireBase attack bonus +1, proficiency with heavy weaponsProvide covering fire or harrying fire in an area
Tandem FeintBase attack bonus +6, Improved FeintYou can work with an ally to place your foes off-balance.
Tandem ManeuverBase attack bonus +6, Improved Combat Maneuver (any)You can work in concert with an ally to perform maneuvers in combat.
Target of OpportunityBase attack bonus +6You take advantage of a foe’s slipup.
Terrifying PresenceIntimidating racial traitYour fearsome displays instill fear longer
Tripping RushImproved Combat Maneuver (trip), base attack bonus +5Knock a target prone when you bull rush them into an obstacle
Unbreakable WillTelepathy or limited telepathy racial traitYour telepathy grants you an unparalleled strength of mind.
Underwater BrawlerStr 15, base attack bonus +5Even underwater, you can leverage your strength to devastating effect.
Unfriendly FireBluff 5 ranksTrick an attacker into shooting at another enemy adjacent to you
Unsinkable CasterAbility to cast spells, character level 3rdYou tap into your inner focus, allowing you to cast spells even in dire situations.
Versatile FightingAdaptive Fighting, character level 5Spend RP to use Adaptive Fighting more often in a day
Versatile FocusWeapon Focus (any)+1 bonus to attack rolls with all weapon types you are proficient with
Versatile SpecializationWeapon Specialization, character level 3rdDeal extra damage with all weapon types you are proficient with
Wary WithdrawalDex 13, Wis 13, MobilityYou know how to withdraw with great caution.
Weapon FocusProficiency with selected weapon type+1 bonus to attack rolls with selected weapon type
Weapon SpecializationCharacter level 3rd, proficiency with selected weapon typeDeal extra damage with selected weapon type