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Alternate Class Features - Witchwarper

Witchwarpers have access to the following alternate class features.

Infinite Tech (Su)

As a full action, you can expend a witchwarper spell slot of 1st level or higher to conjure from a parallel existence one suit of light armor, one basic melee weapon, or one small arm that functions only for you.

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Infinity Lash (Su)

As a move action, you can form a whiplike strand of energy whose strikes tear away slivers of matter and replace them with alternate reality analogues to painful effect.

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Plunderer of Worlds (Su)

Much as the Drift tears away pieces of other planes, you snag extraplanar energies from the Great Beyond.

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Projected (Su)

You’ve irrevocably drawn yourself from another reality into this one. You don’t belong here, and this reality has trouble reconciling your presence.

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