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Whether you are a battle-hardened soldier who can freeze a foe’s blood with a glance, a garrulous envoy who can blend into any social situation, or a brilliant technomancer with knowledge about every subject in the galaxy, skills represent some of your most fundamental abilities. At 1st level, you start with a number of skill ranks determined by your class, representing your initial training, and you gain more skill ranks as you gain levels, allowing you to improve in skills you already have or gain new ones.

Physical Science (Int; Trained Only)

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 145
You are educated in the scientific study of non-living systems, from the tiniest atoms to the largest celestial bodies.

Craft Drug, Poison, or Medicinal

If you have enough ranks in Physical Science, you can create drugs, poisons, and medicinals. See page 235 for crafting rules.

Recall Knowledge

You can use Physical Science to recall knowledge about astronomy, chemistry, climatology, geography, geology, hyperspace, meteorology, oceanography, physics, and other fields of natural science (see page 133).