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Drone Mods

As you gain levels, your drone gains custom modifications, gear, and programming that give it additional capabilities and options. Any level-based abilities for your drone’s mods use your full mechanic level, regardless of whether you’re using control net to assign fewer levels to your drone.

Your drone gains its first custom modification at 1st level and an additional mod every 2 levels thereafter. Mods are grouped into two categories, basic and advanced. You can choose basic mods at any level, but you must be 11th level (or have assigned at least 11 levels to your drone) to select advanced mods. Some mods require your drone to have other custom mods installed before they can function. Unless otherwise noted, each mod can be selected only once.

Reactive Camouflage (Ex)

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 79
Mod Level Advanced
Your drone is equipped with a thin coating that can change color to match the drone’s surroundings. Whenever your drone stays stationary for 1 round, it gains a +10 bonus to Stealth checks (this bonus doesn’t stack with the invisibility spell or similar effects). If your drone takes any action, it loses this bonus until it once again spends 1 round remaining still.