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Recombinator Ray

SFS Note: This weapon must be held and operated with two hands.
Source Starfinder #26: Flight of the Sleepers pg. 45
Level 8; Price 9,500
Hands 2; Proficiency Longarms
Damage 2d10 A; Range 60 ft.; Critical Corrode 1d6
Capacity 80; Usage 8
Bulk 1; Special Antibiological


Grays created this nightmarish weapon to defend themselves against incursions into their territory. This rifle looks like a long, silver cylinder that ends in two long prongs. When it’s fired, lasers ionize the air between the prongs to send a charge at the target that disrupts cellular bonds. The current is powerful enough to penetrate armor but has no effect on nonliving material, leaving equipment lying in a puddle of organic sludge.