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[AP] Signal of Screams

The following ships may contain spoilers for the Signal of Screams Adventure Path - read at your own risk!

Ringworks Sentinel - Tier 5

Source Starfinder #10: The Diaspora Strain pg. 0
Medium explorer
Speed 8; Maneuverability good (turn 1); Drift
AC 20; TL 19
HP 65; DT —; CT 13
Shields medium 160 (forward 40, port 40, starboard 40, aft 40)
Attack (Forward) gravity gun (6d6)
Attack (Turret) flak thrower (3d4)
Power Core Power Core Pulse Red (175 PCU); Drift Engine none; Systems basic computer, basic medium-range sensors, crew quarters (good), mk 5 armor, mk 5 defenses, upgraded weapon mount (forward heavy); Expansion Bays brig, cargo hold, guest quarters (2, luxurious); Modifiers +2 Computers (sensors only), +1 Piloting; Complement 4 (minimum 1, maximum 5)


Captain Bluff +11 (5 ranks), Diplomacy +11 (5 ranks), gunnery +8, Piloting +11 (5 ranks)
Engineer Computers +14 (5 ranks), Engineering +14 (5 ranks)
Gunner Computers +8 (5 ranks), gunnery +10
Pilot Piloting +16 (5 ranks), gunnery +10


Verces’s Ringworks Industries designed the Sentinel to have the armaments and maneuverability needed to protect other vessels, space stations, and asteroid bases from all manner of foes, such as the space pirates who inhabit the Diaspora. In addition, the built-in gravity gun makes the Sentinel a reliable workhorse for moving or destroying harmful space debris. The Sentinel can also act as a towing vessel if needed to bring damaged or disabled starships to dock for disembarking and repairs. Further, the Sentinel model has features that allow it to serve as a shuttle for important guests or as a transport for captured pirates bound for prison.

Most companies maintain only a few of these vessels at a time, and since they typically lack Drift capability, the vessels must remain close to the areas they are protecting. Most of them operate within the Pact Worlds, but they can be transported to farther reaches of space, where the threats can be more dangerous. Such Sentinels are often fitted with more weapons, trading out their shields and guest amenities to become more akin to warships than guardian shuttles. Others might replace the gravity gun with a selection of smaller light weapons and upgrade the Sentinel’s engines, prioritizing maneuverability over firepower.

Antumbra Overseer - Tier 8

Source Starfinder #11: The Penumbra Protocol pg. 0
Large destroyer
Speed 8; Maneuverability average (turn 2); Drift 1
AC 20; TL 21
HP 190; DT —; CT 38
Shields light 60 (forward 15, port 15, starboard 15, aft 15)
Attack (Forward) heavy torpedo launcher (5d8)
Attack (Port) light particle beam (3d6)
Attack (Starboard) light particle beam (3d6)
Attack (Aft) light EMP cannon (special)
Attack (Turret) chain cannon (6d4)
Power Core Pulse Orange (250 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems advanced short-range sensors, anti-hacking systems, crew quarters (common), mk 3 armor, mk 4 defenses, mk 3 trinode computer, self-destruct system; Expansion Bays cargo holds (2), escape pods, passenger seating; Modifiers +3 to any three checks per round, +4 Computers (sensors only); Complement 6 (minimum 6, maximum 20)


Captain Bluff +16 (8 ranks), Computers +13 (8 ranks), Diplomacy +16 (8 ranks), Engineering +13 (8 ranks), Intimidate +16 (8 ranks)
Engineer Engineering +16 (8 ranks)
Gunners (2) gunnery +14
Pilot Piloting +21 (8 ranks)
Science Officer Computers +16 (8 ranks)


A holdover from the company’s days as a defense contractor during the Pact Worlds’ war with the Swarm, Eclipse Innovations’ Antumbra Division produces a small line of armed starships. Its space docks were mothballed after the end of the war but have recently been staffed again. Business analysts across the system believe that Eclipse Innovations has signed an exclusive contract with an unknown military force beyond the Pact Worlds, as the new vessels Antumbra has been manufacturing aren’t up for general sale. In reality, Kaeon Rhyse has diverted funds from the sales of the Penumbra app to create a private military force for the company to defeat any who resist the pull of Dr. Gragant’s shadow signal.

The Antumbra Overseer is designed to protect high-profile sites and ferry individuals from one dangerous area to another. It boasts an impressive array of weapons and a durable hull, though its shields are less powerful than those of other vessels of the same size. The Overseer usually maintains a perimeter patrol near a single location, constantly scanning for potential threats. Antumbra has begun installing self-destruct systems in its ships to prevent its technology from falling into other companies’ hands, but even if that system is compromised or bypassed, the Overseer’s anti-hacking systems mean that any potential thieves won’t have an easy time of it.

Velstrac Tormentor - Tier 9

Source Starfinder #12: Heart of Night pg. 0
Medium transport
Speed 8; Maneuverability average (turn 2); Drift 1
AC 27; TL 26
HP 100; DT —; CT 20
Shields medium 120 (forward 30, port 30, starboard 30, aft 30)
Attack (Forward) heavy laser cannon (4d8), summoning torpedo launcher (3d10 plus special)
Attack (Aft) light plasma cannon (2d12)
Attack (Turret) linked light plasma cannons (4d12)
Power Core Arcus Maximum (200 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems basic long-range sensors, crew quarters (common), mk 3 duonode computer, mk 8 armor, mk 8 defenses; Expansion Bays arcane laboratory, brig, life science lab, medical bay, tech workshop; Modifiers +3 any two checks per round, +2 Computers (sensors only); Complement 5 (minimum 1, maximum 6)


Captain Bluff +17 (9 ranks), Computers +14 (9 ranks), Engineering +14 (9 ranks), gunnery +13, Intimid te +17 (9 ranks), Piloting +14 (9 ranks)
Engineer Engineering +17 (9 ranks)
Gunner gunnery +15
Pilot Computers +15 (9 ranks), gunnery +14, Piloting +17 (9 ranks)
Science Officer Computers +17 (9 ranks)


Built from cold, dark metals found exclusively on the Shadow Plane, velstrac Tormentors are mobile bases of operations providing their crews with all the resources necessary for experimentation and torture of any creatures that cross their paths. Any other ship outfitted this way could be mistaken for an emergency vessel, but one look inside the Tormentor’s medical bay or life science lab is enough to reveal its intended purpose.

Manacles, chains, and custom restraints line the corridors, while more hang overhead, stowed away for later use. The ship’s systems function mechanically, but the interfaces are masochistic and painful to use, often requiring crew to sit in chairs that resemble torture instruments or to deliberately insert their hands into razor-lined gauntlets in order to interact with controls. Heavily armored and bristling with weapons intended to wreak havoc on enemies, the Tormentor makes an impression when it appears; its winged exterior spreads wide, like a barb launched from a titanic weapon, and it trails long, hooked chains that chase after it like tendrils behind a jellyfish.

Special Abilities

Summoning Torpedo Launcher

Some velstrac starships are armed with hybrid torpedo launchers that can cause terror and havoc on enemy ships. A summoning torpedo launcher is a heavy tracking weapon with long range, a speed of 12 hexes, and the limited fire 5 special property. Once per starship combat, when a summoning torpedo deals Hull Point damage to an enemy vessel, it can be triggered to call forth a corporeal horror on board that vessel that plays on its crew’s fears. To inflict the most terror, velstracs infuse their summoning torpedoes with minor telepathic abilities, enabling them to quickly scan the inhabitants of an affected ship and manifest their fears. This weapon is available only for velstrac starships.