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Driftmaven - Tier 20

Source Starship Operations Manual pg. 122
Supercolossal ultranought
Speed 4; Maneuverability clumsy (turn 4); Drift 1
AC 28; TL 31
HP 1050; DT 20; CT 210
Shields superior 540 (forward 135, port 135, starboard 135, aft 135)
Attack (Forward) digital assault torrent (special; 10 hexes), heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes), heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes), superlaser (2d4×10; 20 hexes), ultralaser (6d4×10; 20 hexes)
Attack (Port) heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes), heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes), superlaser (2d4×10; 20 hexes), superlaser (2d4×10; 20 hexes)
Attack (Starboard) heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes), heavy laser cannon (4d8; 10 hexes), superlaser (2d4×10; 20 hexes), superlaser (2d4×10; 20 hexes)
Attack (Turret) quantum missile launcher (2d8×10; 20 hexes)
Power Core Titan Ultra (1,200 PCU); Drift Engine Signal Basic; Systems mk 6 armor, mk 10 defenses, mk 8 mononode computer, mk 8 network nodes (4), security (4 anti-hacking systems); Expansion Bays arcane laboratory, cargo holds (300), data netPW, Drift booster, hangar bay, tech workshop; Modifiers +8 to any 5 checks per round, +4 Computers (sensors only); Complement 0 (minimum 250, maximum 5,000)


AI Array Computers +39 (20 ranks), Diplomacy +34 (20 ranks), Engineering +39 (20 ranks), gunnery +29 (20th level), Intimidate +34 (20 ranks), Piloting +34 (20 ranks)


An enigmatic starship dedicated to the tripartite AI deity Triune, the Driftmaven moves through space following only its patron’s directives. The modular vessel reconfigures itself regularly and can transform into a protective shell or whirling bloom of laser fire at a moment’s notice. A contingent of Triunite androids claim to staff the starship, yet the true crew seems to be an array of artificial intelligences that operate the myriad systems. Those few outsiders who have been invited aboard report extremely limited access to the ship’s interior— even for members of the church—and a disquieting lack of living quarters or indeed any of the usual accommodations for biological life forms, humanoid or otherwise. Instead, shallow recesses in the austere and shifting hallways house constructs and other artificial creatures.

Special Abilities

Adaptive Shielding (Ex) When the Driftmaven is hit by a weapon, the damage it takes from that same weapon is reduced by an amount equal to the Driftmaven’s Damage Threshold on the next round.
Automated (Ex) The Driftmaven has no crew, but its on-board AI array can perform most captain, engineer, gunner, pilot, and science officer crew actions as if it had a crew of 15.
Drift Flower (Ex) The Driftmaven can rotate its rings rapidly, initiating an offensive spin for 1 round during the helm phase. It is unable to move that round, but it can fire into arcs with its weapons as though the ship were in any single orientation; such attacks take a –2 penalty.
Drift Ready (Ex) The Driftmaven can enter and exit the Drift instantaneously.
Triune’s Beacon (Su) The Drift engine of the Driftmaven acts as a powerful Drift beacon for Triune’s allies. Those granted its signature can use a Drift engine to travel to the Driftmaven in 1d6 days, regardless of where it is in the galaxy. These signatures usually change weekly, if not more often.