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Starfinder #29: The Cradle Infestation

Estimated Release Date: 6/24/2020
Product Line: Adventure Path Store Page:

Aliens [7]

Abysium Golem (Golem), Dormakhabu, Flying Viper Eel, Lawless One, Obfuchsia, Xanthos, Xiritix (Protean)

Equipment - Armor [5]

Flight Skin (Conglomeration), Flight Skin (Dream), Flight Skin (Foray), Flight Skin (Nascent), Flight Skin (Venture)

Equipment - Biotech [25]

Superorgan (Amorphous), Superorgan (Basic), Bone Spines (Bristling), Superorgan (Complex), Ascendance Sac (Drifter), Superorgan (Fluid), Grasping Tentacle, Growth Glands, Unity Tendril (Mk 1), Healing Tendril (Mk 1 melding), Unity Tendril (Mk 2), Healing Tendril (Mk 2 melding), Unity Tendril (Mk 3), Healing Tendril (Mk 3 melding), Mobility Tentacles, Neutralizer Lobe, Pain Modulator, Panoptic Eyes, Bone Spines (Punishing), Bone Spines (Rebuking), Healing Tendril (Rejuvenating), Healing Tendril (Rescuing), Superorgan (Thorough), Bone Spines (Warding), Ascendance Sac (Wind Rider)

Equipment - Other Items [5]

Allergy Pod, Grooming Moss, Spidersatchel, Stomach Tabs, Stylemander

Equipment - Powered Armor [1]

Encounter Suit

Equipment - Shields [4]

Deterrence Scale (Electroplax), Deterrence Scale (Amperometric), Deterrence Scale (Galvanic), Deterrence Scale (Voltaic)

Equipment - Technological Items [5]

Buoyant Harness, Crawling Cord, Electrosensory Drum, Message Slime, Wrist Leech

Equipment - Weapons [23]

Retractable Stinger (Advanced), Moon Splinter (Crescent), Brain Pike (Drone), Retractable Stinger (Elite), Moon Splinter (Full), Moon Splinter (Gibbous), Brain Pike (God), Frost Maw (Growl-class), Chimera Graft (Growl-class), Brain Pike (Knight), Moon Splinter (New), Retractable Stinger (Paragon), Brain Pike (Queen), Electrogel Jet (Ribbon), Chimera Graft (Roar-class), Frost Maw (Roar-class), Electrogel Jet (Rocket), Electrogel Jet (Sheet), Electrogel Jet (Smooth-channel), Chimera Graft (Snarl-class), Frost Maw (Snarl-class), Retractable Stinger (Tactical), Brain Pike (Warrior)

Feats [5]

Adaptive Resistance, Bud Drone, Complex Adaptation, Enclose Serums, Relocate Vitals

Manufacturers (Augmentations) [3]

Iratha Incorporated, Life Innovations, Skybreak Holdings

Manufacturers (Weapons) [3]

Mineragenics, Twisted Ribbon, Whirlwindustries

Races - Alternate Racial Traits [5]

Collective Connection (Barathu (Early Stage)), Fluid Self (Barathu (Early Stage)), Internal Chemistry (Barathu (Early Stage)), Mineral Exoskeleton (Barathu (Early Stage)), Student Of Liavara (Barathu (Early Stage))

Spells [5]

Accelerated Adaptation, Atavistic Howl, Benevolent Synesthesia, Merge Consciousness, Shared Evolution

Starship - Examples [1]

Inheritorworks Crusader ([AP] The Threefold Conspiracy)

Systems [1]