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Powered Armor

Unlike light and heavy armor, powered armor requires its own battery, and comes with a fully charged battery at purchase. Powered armor uses the same type of batteries as other items, including charged weapons, and the battery for a suit of powered armor can be recharged as normal using a generator or recharging station (see page 234), or it can be replaced with a new battery when spent (see Table 7–9: Ammunition for battery pricing).
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Celerity Rigging (Hybrid)

Source Starfinder Armory pg. 75
Item Level 12; Price 38,500
EAC Bonus 16; KAC Bonus 20
Max Dex Bonus 5; Armor Check Penalty -2; Speed 50 ft.
Strength 22 (+6); Damage 2d6 B; Size Medium
Capacity 40; Usage 1/hour
Weapon Slots 2; Upgrade Slots 2; Bulk 4
Unlike most other suits of powered armor, which are cumbersome and slow, this armor was designed for magically amplified responsiveness and speed. The armor resembles a humanoid frame of narrow rods, providing you with superior visibility and maneuverability while worn. Instead of heavy plating to absorb blows, celerity rigging uses sophisticated planes of magical force to deflect attacks. Incorporeal creatures’ attacks target your KAC rather than your EAC when you are wearing this armor.