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Mechanic Tricks

You learn your first mechanic trick at 2nd level and an additional trick every 2 levels thereafter. Mechanic tricks all require you to meet a minimum mechanic level, and they are organized accordingly. Some mechanic tricks require you to satisfy other prerequisites, such as having other tricks.

Overload Weapon (Ex)

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 72
Level Required 2
As a full action or as a move action by spending 1 Resolve Point, you can cause a powered weapon (either a ranged energy weapon or a melee weapon with the powered special property) in your possession to explode. You can use the weapon as if it were a grenade of the weapon’s item level or lower dealing the weapon’s normal damage type, except the weapon has a range increment of only 10 feet unless it is a thrown weapon. If someone tries to attack with the weapon, it explodes as a grenade would instead, centered on the user, and the user doesn’t receive a Reflex save to negate the grenade’s effect (if any). Once you’ve primed a weapon to explode in this way, it’s difficult to reverse the effect, requiring 8 hours of work and a successful Engineering check (DC = 15 + your Engineering bonus); failing the check by 5 or more detonates the weapon. Once detonated, the weapon is destroyed, just like a grenade.