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Modules, Upgrades, and Countermeasures


Computers can have any number of modules installed. Modules can be partitioned off from other parts of a computer if placed behind firewall countermeasures, which increases their security. A computer can have multiple modules of the same type, but the bonuses they grant to a system generally do not stack with themselves. For example, a system could have three copies of the security I module (which each grant a +1 bonus to the DC), but they do not stack to increase the DC to break into the computer.

Note that modules are a combination of both hardware and software, and as such they typically cannot be physically removed without damaging the system or rendering it inoperable. With the right amount of skill and time, a module can be disabled or manipulated, but this typically cannot be done during combat. See the Computers skill on page 137 for more information.

Spell Chip

Source Starfinder Core Rulebook pg. 215
Price 110% of component spell gem; Type Module
It is possible to create spell gems (see page 224) in the form of chips that can be slotted into a computer system. A user capable of utilizing an equivalent spell gem with access to the computer in which such spell chips are installed can cast the related spells whenever controlling the computer and gains a +2 circumstance bonus to any skill check involving these spells. Spell chips cost 110% of a spell gem (page 224) with the same spells. When a spell is expended from a spell chip, the chip itself is not destroyed, and the spells can be reloaded into the spell chip for 90% of the normal price of a new spell chip.