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Aliens in the "Vampire" Family


Vampire, Nosferatu

Source Starfinder #42: Whispers of the Eclipse pg. 58

Nosferatu CR 12

XP 19,200
Human nosferatu
NE Medium undead
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision, scent; Perception +22


HP 200
EAC 26; KAC 28
Fort +14; Ref +14; Will +13
Defensive Abilities fast healing 5, swarm flight; DR 5/wood and piercing; Immunities undead immunities; Resistances cold 10, electricity 10, sonic 10
Weaknesses nosferatu weaknesses


Speed 30 ft.; spider climb
Melee claw +25 (6d4+20 S plus grab; critical severe wound) or ensnaring ultrathin longsword +25 (4d8 S)
Ranged tenebrous shadow pistol +22 (2d10 C; critical blind)
Offensive Abilities blood drain, dominate, plague bearer
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 12th; ranged +25)
1/day—telekinesis (DC 20)
3/day—instant virus (DC 18)


STR +8; DEX +6; CON —; INT +2; WIS +5; CHA +4
Skills Athletics +22, Bluff +22, Diplomacy +22, Intimidate +27, Mysticism +22
Languages Common; plague speaker, telepathy 60 ft.
Other Abilities swarm form, unliving
Gear squad hardlight series, ensnaring ultrathin longsword, tenebrous shadow pistol with 2 standard batteries (20 charges each)


Environment any
Organization any

Special Abilities

Blood Drain (Su) When a nosferatu successfully grapples a target, they can suck blood from their victim with their fangs. The victim must attempt a DC 19 Fortitude save; on a failure, it gains 1 negative level, and the nosferatu gains 5 temporary hit points that last for 1 hour (up to a maximum number of temporary hit points equal to their full normal hit points).
Dominate (Su) A nosferatu can crush a humanoid opponent’s will as a standard action, targeting a single creature within 30 ft. that must succeed at a DC 19 Will save or fall instantly under the nosferatu’s influence, as though subject to dominate person (caster level 12th). A creature that successfully saves against this ability is immune to the nosferatu’s dominate ability for 24 hours.
Nosferatu Weaknesses (Su) A nosferatu is held at bay by mirrors, garlic, or holy symbols of a non-evil deity. They must stay at least 5 ft. from the object of their revulsion and can’t touch or make melee attacks against a creature brandishing such an object. Holding a nosferatu at bay takes a standard action. After being held at bay for 1 round, a nosferatu can attempt a DC 25 Will save at the beginning of their turn to act normally. Finally, a nosferatu can’t enter a residence unless invited inside, nor any area filled with the smell of garlic.
Plague Bearer (Su) A creature that takes damage from a nosferatu’s claw attack or is subject to their blood drain ability is exposed to a disease endemic to the nosferatu’s original species or world of origin; nosferatu who were once human expose their victims to bubonic plague (Core Rulebook 418).
Plague Speaker (Su) A nosferatu can communicate with animals or vermin associated with disease, such as certain blood-drinking mosquitoes, rats, or akata (Alien Archive 2 8). This ability doesn’t make the creature friendly to the nosferatu, but it does allow the nosferatu to use language-dependent effects on them.
Swarm Flight (Su) If reduced to 0 hit points in combat, a nosferatu doesn’t die. Instead, they assume their swarm form (below) and can do nothing except attempt to escape. They must reach their coffin within 1 hour or are destroyed. Additional damage dealt to a nosferatu forced into swarm form has no effect. Once at rest in their coffin, the nosferatu is helpless. They regain 1 hit point after 1 hour and then are no longer helpless; they resume healing at the rate of 5 hit points per round.
Swarm Form (Su) As a standard action, a nosferatu can change into a swarm of crawling or flying rodents or vermin. In this form, they gain swarm defenses and swarm immunities. They gain either distraction (DC 19) and a swarm attack (4d6+12 P) or a fly speed of 50 ft., as the nosferatu chooses. While in swarm form, a nosferatu can’t use their claw attacks or any of their offensive abilities. They can remain in swarm form until they assume another form or until the next sunrise. A nosferatu’s gear vanishes when they adopt swarm form and returns when the nosferatu returns to their normal shape. Nosferatu throughout the galaxy might change into other creatures associated with diseases endemic to their original species or from their world of origin.


This legendary undead appears as a statuesque humanoid, characterized by bruise-colored or paper-white skin rippling with powerful muscle. The nosferatu’s unnatural height and elongated claws set them apart from the living. Nosferatus are completely hairless, but some conceal this detail under an affectation for elaborate wigs. Their expertly curated attire hints at deep layers behind the somber grimace they present to the world—one laced with ratlike fangs. Many have other ratlike features, including pointed ears, bulbous eyes, and a hunched gait.

The typical nosferatu has suffered an unfathomably long lifespan, witnessing civilizations rise and crumble while simultaneously extinguishing the lives of countless mortals, victims who were merely momentary partners in an eternal dance with the night. Unable to create more of their kind, as traditional vampires do, many nosferatus were spawned before the Gap and now seek peaceful solitude, fasting for long periods before indulging themselves in a gory feast. Some cling desperately to their foggy memories of another time, while others’ minds have shattered entirely beneath the animalistic, singular urge to feed.

However they personally reinvent themselves, nosferatus remain distinguished from other vampires by their unnatural connection to disease; for centuries, this connection manifested in plagues carried by rodents and verminous insects, diseases which nosferatus would both carry and spread. As nosferatus have traveled to other worlds, however, their supernatural affinity for disease has metastasized; now, they serve as hosts to alien viruses from all over the galaxy. Most new nosferatus are born out of contagion and disease, crawling from hospitals, disease wards, isolation units, and plague pits to spread their curse among the living.

Traditional wisdom suggests that a nosferatu can’t abide the odor of garlic or touch a holy symbol, though these items are merely deterrents. Nosferatus tend to avoid mirrors, as the lack of reflection threatens to alert victims to their true nature. Perhaps the greatest defense against a nosferatu is avoiding their lair since nosferatus can’t enter a residence without permission. For this reason, many maintain immense estates to which they invite potential victims under the guise of conducting business or entertainment. It isn’t unusual for a hidden nosferatu to be exposed by the sudden outbreak of virulent disease centered on its posh and secluded home.

Today, nosferatus are more elusive than ever; their reclusive nature coupled with their inhuman stealth and powers of magnetism enable them to slip through the galaxy unseen—except by their victims, of course. As interstellar commerce has increased since the Signal and the development of Drift technology, nosferatus have arisen among diverse alien species, each carrying plagues unique to their home worlds. Sometimes, they stow away on starships, and the unlucky crew slowly perishes over the course of many weeks; the ship reaches its eventual destination as a hollowed out plague ship filled with diseased corpses and a single nosferatu.

Many nosferatus had difficulty in adjusting to the modern era, but perhaps the biggest challenge these ancient revenants face is coming to terms with popular media portrayals of vampires. While some huffily point out the inaccuracies of today’s romanticized vampire over glasses of decanted blood, others rage against the degradation of their historically fearsome reputation. These media purists dive deeply into tradition to the point that they become walking anachronisms.

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