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Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 108
Robots serve a variety of functions. They’re often employed in situations where the risks to living beings are too great or emotional responses are a hindrance—notably murder and war.

Assassin robots are killing machines useful for stealthy slayings or gruesome public displays. A user can program targets into the robot, dispatch the unit, and rest assured. The robot relentlessly pursues its quarry, fearing nothing and using microfiber setae on its hands and feet to traverse vertical and horizontal surfaces with ease. Whether it succeeds, fails, escapes, or suffers destruction, the robot leaves little evidence behind—an assassin robot that is captured or destroyed automatically purges its memory and burns out its sensitive hardware components, making tracing the robot’s mission and origin extremely difficult.

Typical assassin robots are 6 feet tall, weigh 300 pounds, and use the weapons detailed in the stat block on page 108, but they can be outfitted with other armaments as a mission requires. In particular, assassin robots on missions where more subtlety is called for use needler pistols stocked with poisoned darts.

There is nothing subtle, however, about a siege robot. These machines serve as artificially intelligent assault vehicles, and many rightly fear these engines of war. Merciless and efficient, a siege robot is as effective at unloading massive damage against a single target as it is at mowing down enemy troops en masse, and its vehicle form makes it difficult to escape from on an open battlefield. Most siege robots are outfitted with large reserves of ammunition, enough to sustain a constant barrage for minutes at a time.

Siege Robots As Vehicles

A siege robot can be used as a vehicle in vehicle combat or vehicle chases. In such cases it acts as its own pilot and has the following additional statistics: item level equal to its CR; drive speed 60 ft., full speed 500 ft., overland speed 60 mph, (hover); hardness 8; collision damage 16d10 B (DC 19); –3 attack roll penalty (–6 at full speed). A siege robot acting as a vehicle can carry up to 4 Medium passengers but provides them no cover.

Aliens in the "Robot" Family

Assassin Robot9
Azlanti Adjutant3
Azlanti Battle Robot6
Siege Robot15
Terminator-Class Security10

Robot, Assassin Robot

Source Alien Archive 2 pg. 108

Assassin Robot CR 9

XP 6,400
N Medium construct (technological)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +22


HP 135
EAC 22; KAC 23
Fort +6; Ref +10; Will +6
Defensive Abilities integrated weapons, retractable weapons; Immunities construct immunities
Weaknesses vulnerable to critical hits, vulnerable to electricity


Speed 40 ft., climb 40 ft.
Melee microserrated longsword +18 (2d10+13 S; critical bleed 2d6)
Ranged advanced semi-auto pistol +20 (2d6+9 P) or advanced shirren-eye rifle +20 (2d10+9 P)
Offensive Abilities holographic trick


STR +4; DEX +6; CON —; INT +1; WIS +2; CHA +0
Skills Acrobatics +22, Athletics +17 (+25 to climb), Computers +17, Stealth +22
Languages Common
Other Abilities holographic camouflage, nanite repair, target tracking, unliving
Gear microserrated longsword, advanced semi-auto pistol with 48 small arm rounds, advanced shirren-eye rifle with 16 sniper rounds


Environment any
Organization solitary, pair, or team (3–5)

Special Abilities

Holographic Camouflage (Ex) An assassin robot uses advanced sensors in conjunction with a holographic projector to blend in with its surroundings. If the assassin robot remains still for 1 round, it gains a +10 bonus to Stealth checks and is treated as having concealment until it moves out of its square; this doesn’t stack with invisibility or similar effects. As a move action, the robot can amplify this camouflage for up to 10 rounds per day, using the duration in 1-round increments. While the camouflage is amplified, the robot is affected as if by the invisibility spell.

Holographic Trick (Ex) As a full action, an assassin robot can move up to its speed, blurred by holographic camouflage, and then make an attack with a one-handed melee weapon or small arm. After its movement, the robot can attempt a Stealth check; this check is opposed by a Perception check attempted by its target, and if the robot is successful, its target is flat-footed against the attack and takes 5d8 additional damage on a hit.

Nanite Repair (Ex) An assassin robot’s nanites heal it, restoring a number of Hit Points per hour equal to its CR. Once per day as a full action, the robot can regain 6d8 Hit Points.

Retractable Weapons (Ex) When not in use, each of an assassin robot’s weapons is folded inside the robot’s body and hidden from sight. A creature unaware of the robot’s hidden weapons must succeed at a DC 35 Perception check to notice one. An assassin robot can deploy any or all of its weapons as a swift action or as part of making an attack or full attack. Its weapons are mounted, leaving the robot’s hands free, and the robot can’t be disarmed of them. As a swift action, the robot can retract any or all of its weapons.

Target Tracking (Ex) As a move action, an assassin robot can lock on to one target it can see. The tracked target doesn’t benefit from concealment against the robot and can’t succeed at Bluff checks against the robot to create a diversion. This tracking ends if the tracked target dies or is destroyed, the robot ceases being able to see the target, or the robot ends it as a move action.

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